Q: Will there be any collectible or special edition items or books?

A: For the books: Eventually! This is our biggest goal. Publishers place strong restrictions on creating special edition books, based on order quantity. We are hoping that within the first 2 years, we will gain enough subscribers that we are able to start doing exclusive special editions (including cover changes, sprayed edges, etc). Until then, we are including as many special features as we are able, like signed bookplates (always), author letters (usually), and other goodies!

A: For the items: All of our fandom and book gift items are custom, designed exclusively for this box! You won’t be able to get them anywhere else! We won’t be restocking them either, as the intention is to create exclusive limited-edition goodies for queer books. (Note: there is an exception for magnets from our first boxes, and this will only be for subscribers and still very limited – coming most  likely in summer/fall 2021).  

Q: Paperback or hardcover?

A: Most included books will be hardcover. If they’re being released in hardcover, then we will have it in hardcover. Sometimes, queer books (like Red, White, & Royal Blue), are only released in paperback, and we might include them in the box as a second book (most likely this would mean less items in that particular box, though, as books are very expensive).

Q: How do we prevent getting double copies of a book we already have?

A: We always announce our book(s) along with our theme reveal, so you’ll know which book you are getting! However, if you somehow do end up with a second copy, queer books make great gifts! Your money directly supports authors writing inclusive queer books, and a small business run by queer people, so it’s still a win-win!

Q: Will you announce what the book’s representation is beforehand?

A: Yes! We are also including content warnings, if applicable, for most common objectionable content. We want you to know what you’re getting into so that you can decide for yourself whether this book might be something you would want to read. If you have further questions, ask us! We have read all of the books in our box, including the fandoms as well, so we can answer any questions you have.

Q: What was the process behind the box’s design?

A: A looooooooooot of bouncing ideas back and forth and back and forth! We started by reading all of the queer books releasing in June that we could get our hands on. This was a lot of books (not that we’re complaining! But we probably will not have the time to read everything every month going forward). We actually had three books that we thought would be good possibilities, and we talked about it a lot. We bounced around theme ideas until one just sort of clicked, and BOOM! We had a theme and a book, and it was time to pick fandoms that matched! We ended up going with some pretty mainstream fandoms because this is our first box and we wanted as wide appeal as we could get, but we’ve been secretly keeping a list of every time someone mentions a fandom they’d like to see on our social media. We hope to have a mix of big and more obscure fandoms in each box from July onward. 

The design was actually pretty hard! The budget is really, really tight to make a book box. $39.99 might sound like a lot, but it isn’t. We have had to swap out a few of the items we wanted for something else, and it was hard. We wanted custom boxes printed, but they cost A LOT, and we decided that we would rather put that money toward items, and we hope you agree! In the future, with enough subscribers, we hope to be able to order boxes in huge quantities though, and that will make the cost do-able. Anyways, the design for most of the items was done in-house by us. They’re pretty, though. Really, really nice. It was a penny-pinching game to see how many big items we could get, and we did pretty well if we say so ourselves (umm, hope you like them!).

Q: Will there be a photo challenge for every box?

A: Yes! There will be a photo challenge for every box. It will be included in the box and on social media! 

Q: what types of items are you planning to feature?

A: A whole array of items! We are big fans of usable items, and this includes anything, really, from kitchen stuff to wearables to decor. We aren’t creating a box full of paper items, and unless it’s something really interesting, you can expect the fandoms we announce to be major pieces. We aren’t ever including any edibles aside from coffee or tea, and those would be something extra, not one of the fandom items we announce with the theme. Same with candles. We loooooooooooove candles, but we plan for the main items to be permanent collectibles, and any included candles would be considered “extra items.” 

Q: Will subscriptions be (book with items) only? Or will you be offering the option of (book only) as well?

A: Right now, we are only offering the full crate, which comes with book and items. We do not have any plans on having a book-only box in the forseeable future.

Q: Will there be customs charges and/or duties?

A: We can’t say for sure, and this is up to the laws of the country you live in. Customers are responsible for paying any duties or customs fees for their packages. If you are unsure, please check with your country’s policies on assessing duties or fees. While we desperately wish that the world was one big country as far as shipping is concerned, sadly we don’t have any control over the policies set by governments. We are but two people doing our best to help everyone love queer books a little more. Your boxes will be shipped from the US. If your package is returned to us for unpaid customs or duties fees, it is not our responsibility and we cannot issue refunds for that. We can reship the package to you, however it will be at your own expense. We thank you for your understanding.

Q: Just curious for clarification, is this subscription US currency?

A: Yes, the price is in US currency. 

Q: Will you sometimes do boxes that focus solely on different groups within the LGBT+ community?

A: We try to include as many different kinds of representation as we are able in each box, however we have done boxes that focus more on one representation than another (the Ace box in February 2021 being the first). We plan to include others in the future as well, particularly for less commonly-featured identites!

Q: Will it only be new releases or just overall books?

A: The main, physical book in Rainbow Crate will ALWAYS be a new release published in the US within 90 days of delivery (either direction), and it will not be a sequel. In most cases, it will be from the month our box ships in.

Q: Will there be a single purchase offer?

A: There will be a limited number of single purchase boxes available each month if subscriptions don’t use up our entire quota. We recommend signing up for a subscription and skipping months that you are not interested in receiving. 

Q: Can we get our crate shipped in a plain box?

A: Boxes usually come shipped with our rainbow logo on them, however if you would rather have a plain white box for discretion we can definitely accommodate that! Please let us know through email at support@rainbowcratebookbox.com.

Q: Can we restart a canceled subscription?

A: Absolutely! You can do this from your account preferences after you log in. Note that if you re-start a canceled subscription after we are already sold out for a specific month, your subscription will be moved to the next month. If you’re not sure whether this has happened, send us an email at support@rainbowcratebookbox.com. If you want to restart a sub for a specific box, you can email us ahead of time, or you can do it as soon as a new box goes on sale. We recommend that, instead of canceling a subscription, you just skip boxes you’re not interested in or unable to afford the charge for. This can be done any time from your account. While this does mean you have to remember to skip every month if you can’t receive boxes for a long time, it does always save a box for you, and you’ll automatically get boxes that you don’t manually skip. There’s no chance of missing out on any particular box if your situation changes. (Note: Please try to refrain from forgetting to skip and asking for a refund. We are a small business, and when that happens, we are charged a fee from the payment processor. So we aren’t just giving you your money back, which is fine — we are losing additional funds as well, and many of those would be devastating for a box this size. All we ask is that you keep this in mind. Thank you!)