What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

This week is a little light, but we hope you find ones you absolutely love in this list!

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Jan. 18

Jan. 19

  • Get a Clue by Tiffany Schmidt
    • Bookish Boyfriends Book 4
    • When two teens are assigned the Sherlock Holmes novels in their English class, they discover a larger real-life mystery in their school.
  • Girl on the Line by Faith Gardner
    • A girl who survived her suicide attempt and is trying to make sense of her life meets and falls for a fellow hotline volunteer.
  • A Complicated Love Story Set in Space by Shaun David Huchinson
    • A boy wakes up to find he’s trapped on a spaceship with several other teens, and as they try to figure out how they got there, he falls for one of his fellow passengers.
  • Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo
    • In 1954 Chinatown, two women fall in love and risk the danger of being discovered amidst the Red Scare and threats of deportation.
  • Winterkeep by Kristin Cashore
    • Graceling Realm Book 4
    • A queen trying to undo the harm her father did to her realm travels to a distant realm to track down a missing envoy while the teenage daughter of two political powerhouses struggles against her destiny.
  • A Message in Blood by Catherine Maiorisi
    • Chiara Corelli Mystery Series Book 3
    • Two NYPD detectives are called in for a scandalous murder case that leads them to more than just a compromising crime scene.
  • Where There’s Smoke by Angelique Rader
    • When a mysterious stranger moves in next door, a firefighter finds herself drawn to unraveling the mystery around the woman and her young daughter.
  • Testimony by Paula Martinac
    • A progressive professor in rural Virginia of the 1960s struggles to hide her personal life when the community becomes increasingly interested in catching and reporting homosexual behavior.
  • Love in Europe by Emily Silver
  • The Route of Ice and Salt by José Luis Zárate
    • In this reimagining of Dracula’s trip to England, a captain whose ship is carrying Transylvanian soil begins to have strange dreams.
  • A Strange Loop by Michael R. Jackson
    • A queer black writer who hates his job works on a musical about a queer black writer who hates his job and is writing a musical.
  • The Last Time We Met by Maggie Brown and Leni Hanson
    • Eleven years after a humiliating incident, an American doctor is reunited with the Australian rock star she was once involved with, and sparks fly.
  • Choosing Grace by Regina Jamison
    • After surviving a messy college affair, a Southern woman tries to move forward on her own terms, but when her old fling returns, she must decide between the new life that’s just getting started and the old one that never really ended.
  • Crossover: A Forbidden Love Sports Romance by Lizzie A. Williamson
    • Between the Lines Book 3
    • A hockey player with a drinking problem falls for a Christian musician who’s still in the closet, and their personal challenges threaten to keep their relationship from taking off.
  • Edging Closer by L.M. Somerton
    • Tales from the Edge Book 9
    • Two men about to get married run into problems from their past–including a killer who wants to ruin their future.
  • -30- by Clinton W. Waters
    • A man who thinks he’s going to die on his thirtieth birthday hires a companion to keep him company on his last day, but their relationship quickly becomes more complicated than either of them were expecting.
  • The Bookseller’s Boyfriend by Heidi Cullinan
    • Copper Point: Main Street Book 1
    • A quiet bookseller gets the opportunity to meet the playboy author he admires, and the two begin to fall for each other, despite the odds.
  • Charisma Check by Charlie Novak
    • Roll for Love Book 2
    • Two rivals who have been hooking up for years are thrown together at a film premier that may change the course of their relationship.
  • Nix by Aiden Bates and Aly Lyda
    • Hell’s Ankhor Book 9
    • Alcoholism–both past and present–threatens the growing relationship between two men.

Jan. 20

Jan. 21

Jan. 22

  • The Bridge of Silver Wings by John Wiltshire
  • Requiem by Richard Amos
    • Fallen Fire Book 2
    • A fixer of magical objects struggles to protect a friend who becomes the center of unwanted magical attention.
  • The Sun Always Rises by PK Morrison
    • When a fifty-year-old body is uncovered in a small Mississippi town, the mystery brings together a young detective and a former resident with unanswered questions about the victim.
  • Soulbound: The Omega’s Assassin by Devon Vesper
    • An alpha searches for his king’s omega only to find the omega struggling with a deadly curse.
  • Magic of Wolf by Xya Olsen
    • Magic of Four Book 2
    • After a professor foresees his death, a student faces down his second year at Oracle Academy.
  • By the Numbers by K.M. Neuhold
    • Love Logic Book 3
    • A “super genius” falls for his roommate, who seems to be unavailable for anything more than some no-strings-attached fun.

Jan. 23

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