What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! We are working on a better system for finding Children’s and Middle-Grade lgbt+-related books to make sure that we include all of them, too! 🌈

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Nov. 8

Nov. 9

  • Black Queer Freedom: Spaces of Injury and Paths of Desire by GerShun Avilez
    • New Black Studies Series
    • A discussion of queer black artists and how their work reflects their experiences.
  • Learned Behaviors: A Single Dad Romance by Jayce Ellis
    • Higher Education Book 1
    • Two single dads meet at work and start out hating each other until an assignment changes everything.
  • Paint Eater by Marina Vivancos
    • A tattoo artist starts up a friends-with-benefits relationship with a former high school classmate that quickly turns into more than either planned for.

Nov. 10

  • Here the Whole Time by Vitor Martins (This is our November Book of the Month! November boxes are still available!)
    • A boy being bullied about his weight learns that he’ll be sharing a room with his crush for fifteen days over school break.
  • Sasha Masha by Agnes Borinsky
    • A teen struggling with his gender identity meets and falls for a gay boy who introduceds him to the LGBTQ+ community and new ideas about what it means to be “Real.”
  • Master of One by Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett
    • After being captured mid-heist, a thief is ordered to use his skills to find a dangerous fae “relic”…that turns out to be an actual fae prince.
  • The Girl Who Was Convinced Beyond All Reason That She Could Fly by Sybil Lamb
    • A young homeless girl who can fly gets herself into trouble when she steals from a dangerous neighbor.
  • Laurel Everywhere by Erin Moynihan
    • A teenager struggles with the aftermath of her mother and siblings’ death, while her father’s grief threatens to destroy what’s left of their family.
  • HomeComing by Michael Craft
    • Mister Puss Book 3
    • An architect, amateur detective, and owner of a talking cat is drawn into a murder case involving a famous director.
  • Brief Black Candles by Lydia K Valentine
    • A collection of poetry that explores themes including family, loss, and survival.
  • Archaic Modernism: Queer Poetics in the Cinema of Pier Paolo Pasolini by Daniel Humphrey
    • Queer Screens Book 2
    • A look at three adaptations of Greek tragedy as envisioned by gay filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini.
  • We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics by Andrea Abi-Karam
    • A collection of poems by a group of intergenerational trans writers.
  • Harmada by João Gilberto Noll 
    • A man rises from obscurity to become a powerful director at an avant-garde theater, all while searching for a nameless city that might be metaphor or might be something else.
  • Inheritance by Taylor Johnson
    • A collection of poems about identity and living in Washington, D.C.
  • At All Costs by Simone Anderson
    • The son of a rich family tries to figure out why he’s being targeted by kidnappers–and why he’s falling for his bodyguard.
  • Recruit Unbowed by Emerson Belle
  • Avenging Avery by Sheri Lewis Wohl
    • A vampire looking for vengeance finds common ground with a sheriff who wants the same.
  • The Second First Date by Marie Lark
  • Bad to Be Good by Andrew Grey
    • An ex-mobster trying to live a new life puts himself on the line for a single dad who needs his help.
  • No Regrets by Joy Argento
    • Two women with complicated lives start to fall for one another, but when one becomes seriously ill, they have to decide whether their love is worth fighting for.
  • Too Good to Be True by Leigh Hays
    • A Providence Romance Book 1
    • A woman trying to move on from past mistakes meets a single mom struggling with her ex, and though sparks fly, their lives may be too complicated to make things work.
  • The Little Matchboy: A Contemporary MM Little Matchgirl Retelling by Jackie North
    • An MM Fairy Tale Romance Book 4
    • A retelling of The Little Match Girl in which a Chicago hoodlum saves a young man from his abusive father, and the two try to figure out how to fit into each other’s lives.
  • Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur
    • After a woman lies to her brother about a successful blind date, she convinces her date to fake a relationship so they can both make it through the holidays…with unforeseen consequences for them both.
  • Treacherous Seas by Radclyffe
    • Provincetown Tales Book 8
    • A woman trying to reach her pregnant wife and a rookie cop trying to navigate impending disaster are caught up in an epidemic.
  • The Holiday Treatment by Elle Spencer
    • A lesbian writer trying to get a gay Christmas movie produced by the network she works for finds an ally in a new coworker who is also a former lover.
  • Holden Offshore by Lynn Michaels
    • Special Forces: Operation Alpha
    • The budding romance between an offshore boat racer and his best friend faces a roadblock when drug runner threatens the racer’s brother.
  • River’s Edge by BA Tortuga
    • Banished Book 2
    • A banished wolf shifter encounters his ex, who wants to make things right, but their reunion is interrupted when they realize one of them is being targeted.
  • Outlaw by Kiki Burrelli
    • Wolves of Royal Paynes Book 4
    • An alpha who’s lost not only his omega but also his entire pack struggles to prevent disaster from happening again.
  • Two to Tangle by Melissa Brayden
    • A Tangle Valley Romance Book 2
    • A chef hiding from romance meets a carpenter who’s interested, and the two dance around the possibility of romance.
  • Bat Boy by Christine Lee
    • Easton U Pirates Book 1
    • A college baseball player falls for the team’s bat boy–another college student who also happens to be the coach’s son, and therefore off limits.

Nov. 11

Nov. 12

  • Robert y Leo by Reginah George (This is a Spanish-language novel–not sure if you want to include it?)
  • Leo Bersani: A Speculative Introduction by Mikko Tuhkanen
    • A look at the scholarly work of Leo Bersani, who influenced the fields of literary criticism, queer theory, and cultural studies, among others.
  • The Woman of the Wolf and Other Stories by Renée Vivien
    • A collection of myth- and fairy-tale-based sapphic short stories originally published in 1904. (This was obviously published before, but no other edition exists on Amazon, so I’m guessing it’s cool to include it…?)
  • Everybody But Me by Marcus Lopés
    • A man still recovering from college trauma finds himself revisiting his worst days as he tries to move on with a new love and a new life.
  • The God of San Francisco by James J Siegel
    • A study of grief in the queer community during the beginning of the AIDS crisis.
  • Confidential Moments: A M/M Sports Romance by Laura John
    • Love in Sienna Series Book 5
    • A cocky baseball player falls in love with a man who isn’t out, putting added pressure on their relationship.
  • Matched to His Panther: An M/M Mpreg Shifter Dating App Romance by Lorelei M. Hart and Colbie Dunbar
  • To Love a Ghost by Annabella Stone
    • The Ghost Protectors Book 1
    • Officially declared dead, an Australian Special Forces Commando is recruited into the Ghost Protectors as an analyst and caught up in a cartel war.
  • Strawberry Kisses by Charlie Novak
    • Two men secretly pining for each other try to keep their feelings hidden while playing fake boyfriends for a family event.

Nov. 13

Nov. 14

  • The Music of Mercy by Daniel Elijah Sanderfer
    • The Heart of the Holidays: A Stand Alone Gay YA Series Book 2
    • A teenager struggling to help his family stay afloat comes across an antique music box he could never afford–and a holiday romance he wasn’t expecting.
  • Anything by Jamie Weaver
    • A woman struggles with neglect, drug addiction, betrayal, and more.
  • One Night Standard: Contemporary M/M Romance by Aria Grace
    • Two men who claim to only be interested in one night stands end up falling hard for each other.
  • We Whisk You a Merry Christmas by Anna Martin
    • A baker finds a sleeping man in his kitchen and asks him for help.
  • Heard It in a Love Song: An LGBT+ Anthology by Michelle Brown, C.L. Matthews, Faith Ryan, Leigh Kenzie, et al
    • A charity anthology of LGBTQ+ stories.


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