What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! We are working on a better system for finding Children’s and Middle-Grade lgbt+-related books to make sure that we include all of them, too!

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Oct. 25th

Oct. 26th

Oct. 27th

  • I’m a Gay Wizard in the City of the Nightmare King by V. S. Santoni
    • A group of wizards realize that the world they thought was real is actually part of magical prison, and they plot to escape.
  • Return: A Lesbian Action Adventure by L Fergus
    • Ascension Book 4
    • Kita has spent four years regaining her power; now she’s ready to find her friends.
  • Burning Sugar by Cicely Belle Blain
    • A collection of poetry about colonization, racism, and their effect on Black bodies.
  • Inside Mari, Volume 7 by Shuzo Oshimi
    • The latest installment of a manga series about a college dropout who finds himself inhabiting the body of a high school girl.
  • Memorial: A Novel by Bryan Washington
    • A Japanese American man learns that his estranged father is dying, and over the course of reconnecting with his family, his relationship with his longtime boyfriend shifts in unforeseen ways.
  • How to Make the Perfect Man: Some Like It Haunted by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead
    • A scientist’s attempt to make the perfect date for a Halloween party goes horribly wrong.
  • Forbidden Hex by Clover Payne
    • Not So Evil Book 8
    • In the midst of a war between tree and water fae that’s destroying the rainforest, two fae from opposite sides fall in love.
  • Menage a Teach by Professor Blyss
    • A recently divorced teacher decides to suggest a three-way with his two best friends.
  • The Secret Ingredient by KD Fisher
    • Two chefs from two very different cafes fall for each other.
  • Hot Stuff: Some Like It Haunted by Imari Jade
    • A master vampire is intrigued by the fairy prince with a dark past who wanders into his nightclub.
  • Amethyst Isle by Wren Kenzie
  • Lost and Found by Aiden Bates
    • Vanguard Towers Book 2
    • A stranded hiker falls for the man who saved him, but can their relationship last once they’ve survived the elements?
  • Mosh-Pit Murders by Shaunna Rodriguez
    • Grunge Series Book 1
    • A lawyer who prosecutes criminals by day and parties with metal bands by night sees his two worlds collide when he witnesses a murder at a concert.
  • The Black Sea by Dora Esquivel
    • Grim and Sinister Delights Book 15
    • A mysterious merman saves the heir to a Turkish mob family, but their relationship endangers both the mortals and the immortals around them.
  • Faye and the Ether by Nicole Bailey
    • Just as she’s about to head off to college, a girl discovers she is part of the magical world of Ether–and it’s up to her to save it.
  • The Greatest Hit by Will Kostakis
    • A girl who briefly became a celebrity at fourteen when her song went viral is given a chance to reclaim her music and win back the person she hurt.
  • Ghost Economy by Millard Crow
    • The budding romance between a drifter who runs a virtual puppet show and a coffee shop employee who edits wrestling videos is threatened by the blurring line between reality and fantasy.
  • A Growl, a Roar, and a Purr by K.C. Wells
    • Lions & Tigers & Bears Book 1
    • A shifter stuck in tiger form is rescued by two other shifters, and the three of them embark on a relationship while also dealing with unexpected secrets and dark forces.
  • Legacy by M.D. Grimm
    • Saga of the Bold People Book 2
    • A former assassin works with an alien and the alien’s slave to navigate politics, visions, and a major threat to the human race.
  • Wolf at the Door by TA Moore
    • Wolf Winter Book 3
    • Four wolf shifters return home to find both treachery and a larger threat of mythical proportions.
  • A Mate for Hudson: An MM Mpreg Shifter Romance by Lorelei M. Hart
    • Omegas of Animals Book 2
    • An omega wolf shifter framed for a crime ends up at a nightclub, where he meets a potential mate in a bear shifter who can’t shift.
  • Wicked Dreams by Faith Ryan and Ally Vance
  • Liars by Lucy Lennox and May Archer
    • Licking Thicket Book 2
    • A man poses as the fiance of a man trying to gain custody of an orphan baby, and they end up falling for each other.
  • Beneath the Grandstand by Amy-Alex Campbell
    • Marsden Park Book 2
    • A homeless man on the streets of Sydney falls for another homeless man with a mysterious past.

Oct. 28th

  • Otterly in Love: A M/M MPreg Shifter Romance by Lorelei M. Hart and Aria Grace
    • River’s Edge Shifters Book 3
    • An omega otter shifter trying to protect his son and an alpha rabbit shifter stuck in a life he doesn’t want find their lives intersecting.
  • Restored by Joanna Chambers
    • Enlightenment Book 4
    • Eighteen years ago, a duke left his lover in order to raise a family. Now, upon learning that his lover didn’t get the financial help he was supposed to, the duke agrees to pay up in a different way.
  • Northern Vows by Lise Gold
    • The Compass Series Book 5
    • Two women return to Norway for their wedding and encounter more than a little trouble in paradise.

Oct. 29th

Oct. 30th

Fated Hearth: A New Adult Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance Serial by Layla Heart and Skylar Heart

    • Guarding Their Dragon Mate Books 4-6
    • A series of novellas about missing earth dragons, hidden library rooms, and family secrets.
  • Releasing Chaos by Lexi Ander
    • Sumeria’s Sons Book 6
    • Ancient gods and the lycans working with (and against) them come to a head in a final showdown that could mean the end of the world.
  • Olivia by Eris Taylor
    • Taking Chances Book 3
    • A woman in a poly relationship with two men must rely on them when big changes shake up her life.
  • The Lyme Letters: Poems by C. R. Grimmer
    • A memoir in poetry about a nonbinary femme character’s life and loves.
  • Darkness Undone by Elayna Mae Darcy
    • The second book in a poetry duology about hope in times of darkness.

Oct. 31st

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