What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

Note: Please read summaries and reviews to find content that suits your interest range! We understand that some content may be objectionable to some readers, but we are only aiming to provide a list of what is available. It is up to you to make a judgment call based on content. 💜

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Feb. 21

  • Dread and the Broken Witch by Andrew Wallace
    • Luna Novella Book 3
    • When a child is endangered, her village turns to their healer–a transgender witch who lost her powers in an ancient war but is still their best hope.
  • Cream by Jay H.D.
    • A teen with a dead-end summer job tries to juggle his attraction to the resident bad boy–who already has a girlfriend–and his mission to find the truth behind a recent murder.
  • Magic of Wolf by Xya Olsen
    • Magic of Four Book 2
    • A student in his second year at Oracle Academy faces a death prophecy, unruly magic, and a haunting by a ghost only he can hear.

Feb. 22

  • Savage by Charity Parkerson
    • Hellish Book 12
    • When he gets the opportunity to meet his boxing hero, a fox shifter realizes his interest is less in boxing and more in a particular boxer.
  • Broken Valentine by Ashlynn Mills
    • Two men who hook up at a club learn the next day that they’re teacher and student and have to decide if they still want to pursue the relationship.
  • Forbidden Ink by Ali Lyda
    • A man discovers he’s a father and tries to become part of his daughter’s life even though it means having to deal with her uncle, whom he’s definitely not falling for.
  • Eve: A Steamy African American Lesbian Romance Novel by Amanda Oakley
    • Finding Connection Book 2
    • An NYC woman decides to come out and pursue the person she loves, but things don’t go as planned.
  • The Sisterhood: Episode Nine: A Serialized Apocalypse & Academy Saga by Tali Inlow
    • The Sisterhood Book 9
    • After the end of the world, two women who attended an elite academy together years ago must rely on each other to save their fellow alums.
  • Crybaby by Marina Vivancos
    • A man starts to have second thoughts after he agrees to sleep with his best friend, who’s never been with another man before.
  • Key to My Heart by Brittany Coumoyer
    • An older music professor falls for a younger man who runs a tow truck business.

Feb. 23

  • Eidolon by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge
    • Circuit Fae Book 5
    • Two fairy queens believe they’ve brought peace to their realm…until their rule is threatened by a new enemy determined to destroy both the fairy and human worlds.
  • Mazie by Melanie Crowd
    • In the 1950s, a small-town Nebraska girl jumps on the chance to go to New York City in hopes of hitting it big on Broadway.
  • Best Laid Plans by Roan Parrish
    • Garnet Run Book 2
    • A man who’s spent his life trying to fix things meets a man who’s spent his breaking them.
  • Tik Tok No by Lucy Ravens
    • Friend Zone Book 1
    • A novella about a man who decides to tell his best friend that he’s been in love with him for years.
  • Sunny Pastures by Lilah Suzanne
    • Come What May Book 4
    • When a big-city woman’s life falls apart, she goes to stay with her grandmother and falls for a local health aide.
  • Straight to the Heart by S. J. Coles
    • An FBI agent heads to a small town to investigate a murder and gets distracted by a lab technician who seems to know more than he’s letting on.
  • Mint to Be by Madelynne Ellis
    • Stirred Passions Book 4
    • While drunk, a man claims to be involved in a polyamorous relationship and later has to follow through with his lie by inviting his “partners” to a wedding…and maybe actually falling for them.
  • Owned by Nicole Edwards
    • Office Intrigue Book 8
    • A woman who’s spent years hiding from a dangerous past finds herself in trouble again and has to rely on a man she’s never met to keep her and her brother safe.
  • Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers
    • A high-achieving woman who’s just finished her PhD finds herself uncharacteristically drunk and married to a woman she barely knows, and as the two get to know each other, she begins to rethink her life path.
  • Keeping Casey by Amy Aislin
    • Keeping Him Book 1
    • A college student agrees to pretend to be his hockey-playing best friend’s boyfriend to get the team captain off his back, but the plan backfires when real feelings come into play.
  • Queer and Feminist Theories of Narrative by Tory Young
    • An academic study looking at queer and feminist theories in media.
  • at first & then by Danielle Rose
    • A debut poetry chapbook covering themes including addiction, grief, trauma, and gender.
  • The Messiah’s Customary Diner Booth by Marion Deal
    • A collection of poems covering many different times and places.
  • Carnage by Weasel
    • Three friends are trapped in a haunted house and forced to confront their issues with addiction and abuse.
  • Inside Mari Volume 7 by Shuzo Oshimi
    • The seventh volume in a manga series about a college dropout who finds himself trapped in the body of a high school girl.
  • Skin for Skin by Terry Grimwood
    • Luna Novella Book 5
    • A troubled priest is exiled to a remote parish, where she becomes part of a dangerous supernatural battle.
  • Who Knows the Moonlight by Tere Michaels
    • The Vigilante Book 3
    • A vigilante and his partner fight against a villain bent on destroying New York City.
  • Hooked on You by K. Evan Coles
    • A stressed paramedic turns to a yarn shop to pick up a relaxing new hobby and ends up falling for the shop owner.
  • Finding Ian by Riley Hart
    • Finding Book 2
    • Three men run into trouble when their kink exploration moves toward more long-term feelings.
  • Priest by Aiden Bates and Ali Lyda
    • Hell’s Ankhor Book 10
    • Two old friends who are part of a motorcycle club struggle with the realization that their friendship may be turning romantic.

Feb. 24

  • The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting by KJ Charles
    • A con artist sets his sights on an heiress, but said heiress’s uncle gets suspicious–a situation that becomes even more complicated when they begin to fall for each other.
  • Personal Pan by Darlene Everly
    • A Comfort Food Romance Book 1
    • Unlucky in love, a woman trying to run her family’s pizza parlor turns to a transman to help her win the heart of his cousin–which backfires when she realizes her “fake” relationship is more real than she realized.

Feb. 25

Feb. 26

Feb. 27

  • Midnight Heist by Katherine McIntyre
    • Outlaws Book 1
    • In debt to the mafia, the leader of a group of outlaws finds himself falling for his mark–who doesn’t seem aware of his company’s misdoings.
  • Voyeur Vol VI by Louisa Mae
    • Voyeur Book 6
    • The enigmatic owner of an exclusive club is on the verge of marriage, but his past may keep him and his fiance apart.
  • Vacation Tails by Deanna Wadsworth
    • Pride of the Caribbean Book 2
    • An unusually lucky aquarium store owner goes on a cruise staffed by paranormal creatures and finds love–which is immediately threatened by a series of problems including untapped magic and ancient legends.
  • This Is Not Revenge by Romily King
    • A man captures the person who killed his father and finds himself interested in something other than revenge.
  • Scalpels & Psychopaths by S.C. Wynne
    • Dr. Maxwell Thornton Murder Mysteries Book 2
    • A doctor attends a boring birthday party that becomes just the opposite when the mayor’s father is murdered.
  • Hidden Path by Elena Fortún
    • In early twentieth-century Spain, a woman reminisces about her relationships with the women she loved and her struggles to grow as a painter.

What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

Note: Please read summaries and reviews to find content that suits your interest range! We understand that some content may be objectionable to some readers, but we are only aiming to provide a list of what is available. It is up to you to make a judgment call based on content. 💜

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Feb. 14

Feb. 15

  • Getaway Glam by Jaime Samms
    • Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond Book 1
    • During an unplanned vacation, a man expecting to meet up with this best friend instead finds himself beginning a relationship with the man he’s had a crush on for years.
  • The Doctor and His Billionaire by CJ Turner
    • His Billionaire Book 3
    • A billionaire has an allergic reaction during a flight and finds himself falling for the doctor who saved his life.
  • Images of the Anthropocene in Speculative Fiction: Narrating the Future by Tereza Dědinová, Weronika Łaszkiewicz, and Sylwia Borowska-Szerszun
    • A collection of academic essays about the human impact on the environment as seen in speculative fiction.
  • Fallen: Michael by Arthur McWilliams
    • The Fallen Angel Saga Part One
    • The angels of heaven and the demons of hell struggle to maintain their positions as the flow of souls through their domains is suddenly cut off.
  • Crossed Reins by Graysen Morgen
    • A former rodeo star is forced to give up her barrel racing days and turn to horse training, leading her to a particularly challenging horse and its intriguing owner.
  • After Rain Falls by CE Ricci
    • River of Rain Book 2
    • Two men struggle with a tumultuous relationship and whether or not they have a future together.

Feb. 16

  • Of Silver and Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke
    • In a world where magic has been outlawed, a young thief with a magical affinity for silver teams up with a rebel who discovers her secret and is trying to overthrow the king.
  • Closeness by Y.L. Wigman
    • A town planner grieving the loss of her partner inherits her estranged father’s house and, after returning home, meets a gardener with a secret obsession.
  • Lead Me Home by Shannon O’Brien
    • A woman working at a campus center helps out a new professor and ultimately falls for her.
  • Breaking Out by Lise MacTague
    • A star hockey player is forced to train a new recruit, and while neither of them are looking for a relationship, they find an opportunity together.
  • And Always Coming Back by Jude Sierra
    • Come What May Book 3
    • Two men expect quarantine to strengthen their relationship, but being together turns out to not be as easy as they thought.
  • Unforgotten by Garrett Leigh
    • Forgiven Book 2
    • A man returning to his hometown after losing his job finds help where he least expects it: an offer of a place to stay from the man he could never forget.
  • Second Chances in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer
  • My Love, My Heart: A Sweet Romance by Melony Ann
  • Wingman: An Age-Gap Sports Romance by Lizzie A. Williamson
    • Between the Lines Book 4
    • An assistant hockey coach falls for a much younger man who turns out to be his daughter’s college friend.
  • Modern English by Rachel Spangler
    • An aristocrat trying to avoid drama returns home to her family’s castle only to run into conflict with a filming crew and its feisty leading lady.
  • Scandal by Casey Cox
    • 99 Daddies Book 4
    • In the wake of a scandal, a mayor’s chief of staff struggles to keep his professional and personal lives separate, but a determined reporter threatens to find the truth–and the way to his heart.
  • Like a Calling: An F/F Omegaverse Sci-Fi Romance by Lexa Luthor
  • Portals and Puppy Dogs by Amy Lane
    • Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club Book 2
    • A hedge witch with a boring job and a crush on his boss winds up with complications when the dog he’s pet-sitting discovers a time and space portal and ends up on his boss’s doorstep.
  • Lawless by Jenna Rae
    • A crime analyst looking to get away from her cubicle after a bad breakup finds herself undercover in a small town in California, where she learns that crime is a lot more complicated when it’s up close and personal.
  • Let’s Get Back to the Party by Zak Salih
    • In the wake of the 2015 Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage, two queer men struggle to reconcile their troubled pasts with the changing LGBTQ+ world.
  • Soulstar by C. L. Polk
    • The Kingston Cycle Book 3
    • As her homeland begins to openly accept magic, a witch struggles to accept her new reality–and a possible second chance at a childhood love.
  • The Love Code (Lorimer Real Love) by Mette Bach
    • A teenager who lost her girlfriend to a classmate decides to start over by joining the school robotics club.
  • Saffron Alley by A.J. Demas
    • Sword Dance Book 2
    • A spy and an ex-soldier try to make their new relationship work in the face of suspicious family members, murders, and other mayhem.
  • Tabernam Mea by Marley Mars
    • A man who’s always been taught that magic should exist separate from emotion has his world turned upside down when he meets someone who does the exact opposite.

Feb. 17

  • Her Pregnant Rival by Renee Dahlia
    • Kapow Book 4
    • When a woman discovers she’s pregnant–and that her boyfriend is married–she finds herself relying on a surprising source of support: her boyfriend’s ex-wife.
  • once upon a twin: poems by Raymond Luczak
    • A collection of poetry by a poet exploring what it might have been like to grow up with his twin, whom his mother miscarried.
  • Chasing Hope by Gwen Martin
    • The latest novel by Gwen Martin.
  • GNATS by B.S. Roberts
    • Allodasos Book 1
    • A recently divorced woman returns to her childhood home and discovers a secret world of magic.

Feb. 18

Feb. 19

Feb. 20

  • Smokin’ Hot: A Lesbian Office Romance by Carly Cane
    • Office Misconduct Book 1
    • A jaded PR agent finds herself entangled–both personally and professionally–with a musician who might have what it takes.
  • Claw of Exile: He Kills to Survive by J.K. Jones
    • Exiled Book 1
    • As a dangerous disease spreads, an exiled omega returns to his clan and his mate, the alpha who betrayed him.
  • Broken Boy by Skyler Snow
    • Atlanta Daddies Series Book 1
    • A man in an abusive relationship befriends another man recovering from a bad break up, and as their friendship turns to something more, the situation becomes even more complicated.
  • Survival: You Can’t Outrun a Nightmare by Eve Morton
    • A PhD student and a waitress bond over their respective traumas and their attempts to move forward.
  • Pretty Poison by Aimee Nicole Walker
    • Sinister in Savannah Book 3
    • A PI who also hosts a true crime podcast finds himself with a client accused of killing her three husbands–and the added baggage of needing to work the case with his ex, whom he still has feelings for.

What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

Note: Please read summaries and reviews to find content that suits your interest range! We understand that some content may be objectionable to some readers, but we are only aiming to provide a list of what is available. It is up to you to make a judgment call based on content. 💜

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Feb. 7

  • Light as a Feather by Cameron James
    • A ballet student is accepted to a prestigious school but soon finds himself struggling under the pressure.
  • Jon’s Boom Shaka Laka Problem by AJ Sherwood and Katie Griffin
    • Jon’s Mysteries Case Book 4
    • A psychic who consults for the police gets caught up in a race to find a bomb–which he finds much easier than figuring out how to propose to his boyfriend.

Feb. 8

  • Little Daddy by A. Little
    • A supernatural creature who uses dating apps to lure mates into his coven sets his eyes on a human in his apartment complex.
  • Touch of Skin by Megs Pritchard
    • Club Electra Book 3
    • After escaping an abusive relationship, a man falls for the friend who helped him find a new life.
  • Beautifully Awkward by Charity Parkerson
    • Candied Crush Book 12
    • A PI falls for a rock star who, unbeknownst to him, has switched places with his twin to gauge the PI’s interest.
  • Satin Sheets by Charley Descoteaux
    • Kink Awakenings Book 2
    • After getting a job at a kink club, a man turns to a frequent patron to help with his growing interest in kink culture.

Feb. 9

  • As Far As You’ll Take Me by Phil Stamper
    • A young man travels to London to start a new life where he isn’t forced to be in the closet, but as his money runs low, he struggles to balance his new relationships with the possibility of his parents’ disapproval.
  • Billions of Beautiful Hearts by Kevin Craig
    • Come What May Book 2
    • A nonbinary teen reaches out to one of their Instagram followers, and the two form a relationship in the midst of the COVID pandemic.
  • Curse of the Divine Ink by Kim Smejkal
    • Ink in the Blood Duology Book 2
    • In a world where ink is magic, a girl who lost her best friend in a war against a god discovers the battle isn’t over, and there are still people she wants to protect.
  • Not Quite Out by Louise Willingham
    • A bisexual college student who isn’t out of the closet falls for a recovering alcoholic whose abusive ex could ruin their friendship–never mind any chance they have of becoming something more.
  • Masquerade by Anne Shade
    • In 1925 Harlem, a chorus girl falls for the daughter of a family trying to ride out a scandal, but when one of them piques the interest of a gangster, they have to decide if the risk is worth the reward.
  • Share the Moon by Toni Logan
    • A woman inherits her aunt’s vineyard–and the ghost who haunts it.
  • Venetian Valentine: My Bloody Valentine by Kristian Parker
    • An American in Venice falls for a local gondolier, but their romantic evening is cut short when a dying policewoman slips them some important evidence, accidentally implicating them in her murder.
  • The Rose Man: My Bloody Valentine by Cheryl Dragon
    • A deputy reluctantly agrees to work with an FBI agent–who is also his ex–to track down a stalker who targets gay men.
  • Second Chances: A Sapphic Romance Anthology by Chace Verity, Dee Holloway, Leigh Landry, and Candace Harper
    • A collection of contemporary sapphic romance short stories.
  • Body Language by Renee Roman
    • A woman searching for validation from her sex life decides to try going back to school, where she makes an agreement with a professor that turns into something more than either of them expected.
  • A Far Better Thing by JD Wilburn
    • A detective and the motorcycle gang leader she’s at odds with have to work together to deal with a dangerous secret that threatens them both.
  • Detour to Love by Amanda Radley
    • A high-powered exec and a curious artist are unlikely seatmates during a long flight from London to Tokyo that reveals more about them both than they intended.
  • Outfoxing the Wolf by Chris Storm
    • Mobsters & Monsters Preludes Book 6
    • Two cage fighters–one a wolf shifter, the other a fox shifter–are prepared to fight on behalf of the mafia figures who own them until they realize they are each other’s fated mates.
  • Spirit of the Law by Carsen Taite
    • A former juror and the prosecutor whose winning streak she ended are reunited to work on a case that might just bring them closer.
  • Wonderstruck by Allie Therin
    • Magic in Manhattan Book 3
    • In 1920s New York, two men try in their own ways to destroy a dangerous magical relic, but their efforts may not do anything other than keep them apart.
  • Death’s Prelude by David S. Pederson
    • Detective Heath Barrington Mystery Book 5
    • In this series prequel, a young would-be detective in the mid-1930s falls for a handsome lord who claims to be under a curse.
  • Hot Mafia Blues: A Gay Mafia New Adult Romance by Parker Avrile
    • Last Chances Academy Book 2
    • Two college students get involved only to realize that the secrets they’ve been keeping from each other could change their lives.
  • Royal Family by Jenny Frame
    • A Royal Romance Series Book 4
    • A policewoman and a nanny, both working for the royal family, butt heads despite their similarly tragic pasts.
  • A Firm Hand: An Age Gap/Daddy MM Romance by Holly Holston
    • SEAL Daddy Book 2
    • A SEAL trainee and his instructor realize their professional dynamic might work recreationally, too.
  • Ice Queen by Gun Brooke
    • A high school counselor agrees to help a CEO reconnect with her daughter, bringing the two women closer as well.
  • Domestic Do-Over by Kate McMurray
    • The Restoration Channel Series Book 1
    • A real estate guru on the rocks with his anti-LGBTQ bosses is paired with a contractor for a new TV series, but when the two start inching closer to a relationship, they have to decide if it’s worth taking a chance on.
  • Cutter’s Mission by Rosie Jarvis
    • Valhalla Warriors Book 1
    • After his car breaks down, a man on the run ends up in a biker bar looking for help–which he gets in the form of an immortal motorcycle club…and one member in particular.
  • Fighting For It by Allyson Lindt
    • Three Player Co-op Book 5
    • A woman who created a dangerous piece of malware is trying to move past her mistake, but when a news outlet runs a new article on her, she prepares herself to walk away from everyone–including the two men she loves.
  • Gravity by Mia Monroe
    • Written in the Stars Book 2
    • A man finds out a failed hookup is his new coworker, and as the two grow closer despite the odds, he struggles to figure out how to move their friends-with-benefits relationship toward something more long-term.
  • The Devil Incarnate by Ali Vali
  • Constructions of Masculinity in the Middle East and North Africa: Literature, Film, and National Discourse by Mohja Kahf and Nadine Sinno
    • A multi-disciplinary look at how masculinity is presented in the media of the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Best Bondage Erotica of the Year, Volume 2 by Rachel Kramer Bussel
    • A collection of erotic stories focusing on bondage.
  • We Play Ourselves by Jen Silverman
    • A writer moves to the west coast to escape a scandal and ends up embroiled in a filmmaker’s new project about a group of teenage girls running a fight club.
  • Club 42: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy by Joanna Angel
    • An adult Choose Your Own Adventure story about a woman who becomes an exotic dancer.
  • Love and Other Poems by Alex Dimitrov
    • A collection of poems about how love exists in both the largest and smallest things.
  • Fireheart Tiger by Aliette de Bodard
    • A princess who was given up as a hostage years ago returns home only to find herself made ambassador to the country she fled, putting her back into the path of both her first love and a dangerous magic.
  • A Song with Teeth by T. Frohock
    • Los Nefilim Book 3
    • While World War II rages in the mortal realm, angels and daimons fight to control their own hidden kingdoms.
  • SnowMaker: An LGBT Fantasy Western by Aaron S Bentzel
    • The Prime Wranglers Book 1
    • In a magical Wild West where Wranglers hunt supernatural beings called Primes, a man’s idyllic life on a ranch is shattered when his boyfriend’s past comes back to haunt them.
  • His Duke’s Gift: A MM Medieval Romance by Lynn Lorenz
  • The Prodigal Prince’s Fake Fiance by Thursday Euclid and Clancy Nacht
    • A prince and a commoner have a no-strings-attached fling that turns complicated when they realize that they’re attending the same grad school and might have a chance at a real relationship–if they can be honest with each other.
  • The Perfect Match: A Valentine’s Day Novella by Milena McKay
    • A novice cupid meets her idol, a successful cupid with a flawless record–and a lackluster love life of her own.
  • The Wolf Who Saved Valentine’s: A Sweet MM Holiday Shifter Romance by Chloe Zane
    • The Wolf Who Saved Series Book 2
    • A man who claims not to care about Valentine’s Day suddenly begins to worry that he’s alienated his aunt’s attractive neighbor.
  • The Mercenary’s Tale: A M/M Medieval Romance by Lynn Gompertz
  • Jackson’s Pride: A M/M Medieval Romance by Lynn Lorenz
    • In the Company of Men Book 2
    • A bastard on the verge of regaining his father’s name rescues and falls for a man whose love could be more than just a brief distraction from his mission.
  • Baymore’s Heir: A M/M Medieval Romance by Lynn Lorenz
    • In the Company of Men Book 3
    • A duke throws lover’s life into disarray by deciding that he needs an heir–and his lover to find him a wife.
  • Silent Lodge: A M/M Medieval Romance by Lynn Lorenz
    • In the Company of Men Book 4
    • Sent to a lodge to spy on the enemy, a man finds more than he bargained for with two of the men he meets there.
  • Drawing Lines by Jeris Jean
    • Hollywood Hopefuls Book 2
    • A Hollywood agent afraid to focus on anything other than his career falls for an unambitious personal trainer who’s determined to convince him that their relationship deserves a chance.
  • Secretly Mine by Colette Davison
    • Offbeat Shifters Book 1
    • A shifter bodyguard falls for his pop star client, but their problems become bigger than someone discovering their relationship when the pop star gains a dangerous stalker.
  • Nursey: A Second Chance MPreg by J. D. Light 
    • WTF Book 2
    • A man hurts himself trying to help the alpha who broke his heart, and over the course of recovery, he wonders if there’s time to recover the relationship, too.
  • Breakaway by Kindle Alexander
    • A venture capitalist and the struggling owner of a bike business butt heads over a bike race–and their attraction to each other.
  • A Little Morbid by Olivier Bosman

Feb. 10

Feb. 11

Feb. 12

Feb. 13

  • The Lyricist by JF Holland
    • A man who was once the lead singer of a wildly popular band discovers a singer in a small bar who not only inspires him musically but also makes him question his sexuality.
  • Of Scales & Fire by Natalina Reis
    • An ex-detective and his merman lover confront poachers, a mysterious order of monks, and long-hidden secrets that may change their world forever.
  • Ginger Fella by Kaydee Robins
    • Omega Tales Book 1
    • An omegaverse retelling of Cinderella involving a halfbreed fox shifter who sneaks into a ball in pursuit of an alpha prince.
  • Courtyard Omega: M/M MPreg Romance by Aria Grace
    • Glass Bay Apartments Book 1
    • The first book in a series about a group of alphas and omegas living in a ritzy apartment complex.
  • Canine Love You: An M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance by Lorelei M. Hart and Aria Grace
    • River’s Edge Shifters Book 4
    • An omega jackal shifter trying to escape the big city (literally) runs into an alpha rabbit shifter, and the two get caught up in taking down a trafficking ring.
  • If Only Forever by Astral Aphrodite
    • A CEO finds herself in danger when a trip with coworkers goes horribly wrong.
  • Be Still, My Heart by Holly Day
    • A vet suffering from PTSD is hired by his sister to work the desk at her dating agency, where he meets a potential client who might just change his life.
  • Serendipity by Carol Wyatt
    • A PA and her boss fake a relationship for a business opportunity, but their feelings start to complicate things.
  • Living and Loving in the Age of AIDS: A memoir by Derek Frost
    • The tale of a devastating pandemic, of lives cut painfully short; it’s also a love letter.

What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

This week is a little light, but we hope you find ones you absolutely love in this list!

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Jan. 31

Feb. 1

  • The Librarian: Dead Things Season Four: Episode One by Martina McAtee
  • Dead Things Season Three by Martina McAtee
    • Dead Things Omnibus Book 3
    • A shifter who once brought someone back from the dead–and lost someone in the process–is now faced with surviving the consequences of her actions.
  • Self, Divided by John Medeiros
    • A memoir about two twin brothers–one HIV-positive, the other HIV-negative–who engage in a gene therapy study during the height of the HIV epidemic.
  • A Meeting of Two Prophets by Judah Tasa
    • A depressed Muslim teenager trying to move forward meets a young Chasidic Jew questioning his future, and the course of their lives is changed forever.
  • Footwork: Selected Poems by Severo Sarduy
    • Poems by a celebrated Cuban writer covering themes like identity, pleasure, and death.
  • Uncharted by Alli Temple
    • A spy forced to become a wicked prince’s betrothed is relieved when she becomes part of a legendary pirate captain’s kidnapping plot, but as the two women grow closer, their pasts threaten to tear them apart.
  • The Forest Witch by Britt Laux
    • Tales of Unara Book 1
    • When a warrior finds a mysterious witch unconscious in the forest, the two embark on a journey to prevent a prophecy from coming true.
  • The Scandalous Viscount by Anastasia Cole
    • Scandal at Midnight Book 1
    • A viscount trying to help his brother’s pregnant fiancee finds his efforts complicated by a surprising suitor.
  • Teach Me: A Lesbian Romance by Kitty Jones
    • After a bad breakup, a woman takes up pole dancing and falls for her instructor.
  • Caught Looking: A Friend-to-Lovers M/M Romance by Adrianna Herrera
    • Two friends unexpectedly have an intense hook up, and while one is uncertain where to go from here, the other is ready to take their relationship to the next level.
  • Queen’s Journey by Benjamin Medrano
    • Lilith’s Shadow Book 5
    • A woman who was created by a supervillain tries to go it alone while her former friends search for answers.

Feb. 2

  • This Golden Flame by Emily Victoria
    • An orphan forced to work in the mysterious Scriptorium searches for a way to find her missing brother and accidentally awakens an automaton…and the secret her country has been trying to hide for centuries.
  • Yesterday Is Today by Kosoko Jackson
    • A boy who just received a liver transplant learns that it allows him to time travel.
  • Dark Currents by Doug Burgess
    • A trans man who left his New England hometown years ago returns when he learns that his grandmother, who suffers from dementia, is the only witness to a crime.
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring by Clarie Rudy Foster
    • Come What May Book 1
    • A trans girl not afraid to revel in her punk life and a cis girl who hides her “anti-establishment” lifestyle while at work fall in love over the course of a visit to a Vermeer exhibit.
  • Milk Fed: A Novel by Melissa Broder
    • A lapsed Jew struggling with an eating disorder gets involved with the Orthodox Jewish owner of her favorite frozen yogurt shop.
  • No Knowledge Is Complete Until It Passes through My Body by Asiya Wadud
    • A collection of poems about the body under duress.
  • Lone Stars: A Novel by Justin Deabler
    • A new father reflects on four generations of his Texas family.
  • Nothing to Declare by Richard M Ravin
    • A restaurant owner learns he’s the sole heir of his friend and ex-best friend, leading to a rediscovery of past heartaches and important decisions about the future.
  • U UP? by Catie Disabato
    • A woman who texts with ghosts searches for the truth behind her best friend’s sudden disappearance.
  • No Blanks, No Pauses: A Path to Loving Self and Others by Shelly McNamara
    • A memoir about a woman’s experiences connecting with and loving others.
  • 100 Boyfriends by Brontez Purnell
    • A collection of short stories about queer men and self-sabotage.
  • Blood Red Roses: My Bloody Valentine by S. J. Coles
    • A man who’s finally getting his life back on track finds a dead body in his apartment and is thrust into a dangerous conspiracy.
  • How to Be Good by Chace Verity
    • An outlandish talk show host falls for a straight-arrow teacher.
  • Love’s Divine by Ava Freeman
    • A woman recovering from an unexpected divorce takes a trip to Barbados, where she meets the owner of a movie studio who is also looking for something more.
  • Right As Raine by Lucy Lennox
    • Aster Valley Book 1
    • A rookie NFL player gains an unexpected live-in chef, and while they’re interested in pursuing a relationship, they’re stymied by the fact that the chef is the coach’s son.

Feb. 4

  • The Deep-Sea Duke by Lauren James
    • An android watchmaker and two of his friends end up on a planet full of dangerous creatures.
  • The Unworthy Duke by Charlotte Anne
    • A poor woman creates a new persona for herself as a spinster lady’s companion, but her new life is turned upside down by a duke who’s suspected of killing his brother.
  • Away Game: A Bully MM Romance by Harlow Layne
    • Willow Bay Book 1
    • Two rival athletes find their rivalry turning into something more.

Feb. 5

Feb. 6

What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

This week is a little light, but we hope you find ones you absolutely love in this list!

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Jan. 24

  • Bound in Fire by Debbie McQueen
    • Dragon King Series Book 2
    • In a world on the brink of war, a dragon and the prince he’s in love with prepare to meet the incoming danger.
  • Reservoir of Secrecy by Katie Byron
  • Eden’s Rose by D. F. Krieger
    • Eden Book 3
    • A polyamorous group of women struggle to make their relationships work in the face of new challenges.
  • Lollipops and Leashes by Della Cain
    • Collared Every After Book 2
    • Two men in different parts of the kink community begin to wonder if they might be able to help each other find what they’re looking for.
  • Mercy by Max Ellendale
    • Four Point Universe Book 11
    • A US Marshal is reunited with a tough judge from her past and realizes they have more in common than she thought.

Jan. 25

Jan. 26

  • The Sunflower Cast a Spell to Save Us from the Void by Jackie Wang
    • A collection of poetry about dreams and how they can shape the waking world.
  • Patience & Esther: An Edwardian Romance by SW Searle
    • A graphic novel set in Edwardian England, where two maids experience changing societal norms as they fall in love.
  • Voide by Froxet
    • A collection of poetry about loneliness, belonging, and self-love.
  • Ghost Line by M.A. Poole
    • What Magick Book 2
    • A woman working at a magical call center begins to suspect something is terribly wrong when the number of calls drops off, and coworkers go missing.
  • First, Become Ashes Sneak Peek by K.M. Szpara
    • After enduring years of rigorous magical training, a man’s world is turned on its head when the program is dissolved, the organizers are arrested, and he’s informed that magic isn’t real.
  • The Reluctant Royal by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead
    • After recovering from an injury, a bodyguard to British royals is assigned to protect the queen’s step-grandson–a drag queen with a dangerous stalker.
  • The Beautiful Things Shoppe by Philip William Stover
    • Seasons of New Hope Book 2
    • Despite their differences, a fine arts dealer and a toy collector decide to team up to help protect their town’s historical landmarks.
  • Next to Me by Veronica Cochrane
    • Dreamspun Desires Book 104
    • A music composition student is reunited with his best friend and crush, who’s now an out-of-the-closet rock star looking for another chance at their high school relationship.
  • How Far I’ll Go by Arden O’Keefe
    • So Far Yet So Close Book 1
    • Two men in complicated relationships end up together on a work trip to Paris that reveals just how much they have in common.
  • Night Tide by Anna Burke
    • A Seal Cove Romance Book 2
    • Two women who were at odds five years ago end up in the same small town once again and have to work out their differences.
  • Making It Fit by Ian O. Lewis and Luke Jameson
    • The Making It Series Book 1
    • After promising his dying friend that he’ll look after his younger brother, a policeman finds himself in the awkward position of wanting to keep his word while also falling in love.
  • Hogtied by AJ Llewellyn
    • On the day of his wedding, a forensic accountant gets caught up in the disappearance of his best friend, a new murder case, and some questionable gifts that could land the would-be newly weds in jail.
  • Winter Waites by Lucy Lennox
    • A physical therapist discovers his next patient is the celebrity he’s been crushing on for years.
  • Other Half by Jordan Castillo Price
    • Psycop Book 12
    • A man on the verge of marriage learns that his would-be spouse has been the victim of years of psychic experimentation.

Jan. 27

Jan. 28

Jan. 29

Jan. 30

  • Lance & Clayton: MM Age Play Romance by Ruby Keller
    • A man finds love in a particular kind of BDSM club, but his new relationship is strained by his fears about what his family will think.


What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

This week is a little light, but we hope you find ones you absolutely love in this list!

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Jan. 18

Jan. 19

  • Get a Clue by Tiffany Schmidt
    • Bookish Boyfriends Book 4
    • When two teens are assigned the Sherlock Holmes novels in their English class, they discover a larger real-life mystery in their school.
  • Girl on the Line by Faith Gardner
    • A girl who survived her suicide attempt and is trying to make sense of her life meets and falls for a fellow hotline volunteer.
  • A Complicated Love Story Set in Space by Shaun David Huchinson
    • A boy wakes up to find he’s trapped on a spaceship with several other teens, and as they try to figure out how they got there, he falls for one of his fellow passengers.
  • Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo
    • In 1954 Chinatown, two women fall in love and risk the danger of being discovered amidst the Red Scare and threats of deportation.
  • Winterkeep by Kristin Cashore
    • Graceling Realm Book 4
    • A queen trying to undo the harm her father did to her realm travels to a distant realm to track down a missing envoy while the teenage daughter of two political powerhouses struggles against her destiny.
  • A Message in Blood by Catherine Maiorisi
    • Chiara Corelli Mystery Series Book 3
    • Two NYPD detectives are called in for a scandalous murder case that leads them to more than just a compromising crime scene.
  • Where There’s Smoke by Angelique Rader
    • When a mysterious stranger moves in next door, a firefighter finds herself drawn to unraveling the mystery around the woman and her young daughter.
  • Testimony by Paula Martinac
    • A progressive professor in rural Virginia of the 1960s struggles to hide her personal life when the community becomes increasingly interested in catching and reporting homosexual behavior.
  • Love in Europe by Emily Silver
  • The Route of Ice and Salt by José Luis Zárate
    • In this reimagining of Dracula’s trip to England, a captain whose ship is carrying Transylvanian soil begins to have strange dreams.
  • A Strange Loop by Michael R. Jackson
    • A queer black writer who hates his job works on a musical about a queer black writer who hates his job and is writing a musical.
  • The Last Time We Met by Maggie Brown and Leni Hanson
    • Eleven years after a humiliating incident, an American doctor is reunited with the Australian rock star she was once involved with, and sparks fly.
  • Choosing Grace by Regina Jamison
    • After surviving a messy college affair, a Southern woman tries to move forward on her own terms, but when her old fling returns, she must decide between the new life that’s just getting started and the old one that never really ended.
  • Crossover: A Forbidden Love Sports Romance by Lizzie A. Williamson
    • Between the Lines Book 3
    • A hockey player with a drinking problem falls for a Christian musician who’s still in the closet, and their personal challenges threaten to keep their relationship from taking off.
  • Edging Closer by L.M. Somerton
    • Tales from the Edge Book 9
    • Two men about to get married run into problems from their past–including a killer who wants to ruin their future.
  • -30- by Clinton W. Waters
    • A man who thinks he’s going to die on his thirtieth birthday hires a companion to keep him company on his last day, but their relationship quickly becomes more complicated than either of them were expecting.
  • The Bookseller’s Boyfriend by Heidi Cullinan
    • Copper Point: Main Street Book 1
    • A quiet bookseller gets the opportunity to meet the playboy author he admires, and the two begin to fall for each other, despite the odds.
  • Charisma Check by Charlie Novak
    • Roll for Love Book 2
    • Two rivals who have been hooking up for years are thrown together at a film premier that may change the course of their relationship.
  • Nix by Aiden Bates and Aly Lyda
    • Hell’s Ankhor Book 9
    • Alcoholism–both past and present–threatens the growing relationship between two men.

Jan. 20

Jan. 21

Jan. 22

  • The Bridge of Silver Wings by John Wiltshire
  • Requiem by Richard Amos
    • Fallen Fire Book 2
    • A fixer of magical objects struggles to protect a friend who becomes the center of unwanted magical attention.
  • The Sun Always Rises by PK Morrison
    • When a fifty-year-old body is uncovered in a small Mississippi town, the mystery brings together a young detective and a former resident with unanswered questions about the victim.
  • Soulbound: The Omega’s Assassin by Devon Vesper
    • An alpha searches for his king’s omega only to find the omega struggling with a deadly curse.
  • Magic of Wolf by Xya Olsen
    • Magic of Four Book 2
    • After a professor foresees his death, a student faces down his second year at Oracle Academy.
  • By the Numbers by K.M. Neuhold
    • Love Logic Book 3
    • A “super genius” falls for his roommate, who seems to be unavailable for anything more than some no-strings-attached fun.

Jan. 23

What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

This week is a little light, but we hope you find ones you absolutely love in this list!

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Jan. 10

Jan. 11

  • This Is Not the End: A Polyamorous Love Story by Sidney Bell
    • The relationship between a husband and wife expands to include new problems–and new kinds of happiness–when the husband’s best friend becomes a deeper part of their lives.
  • Fire Dragon Blazes Through by Toshi Drake
    • Elements of Dragons Book 2
    • Two dragons whose past is full of animosity find themselves drawn to each other when one of them becomes ill.
  • This Thing with Charlie by Sophia Soames
    • A man struggles with his attraction to another man.
  • The First Boy I Ever Kissed by Suki Fleet
    • Two boys who had a moment at their high school prom are reunited and given a second chance, but their current lives might not be able to give them what they always wanted together.
  • To Worship by Mary Ramsey
    • As her abusive husband lies dying of terminal cancer, a woman is given an unusual chance for help in the form of a hospice nurse who claims he might be able to save her husband’s soul.
  • Gift Wrapped by E. Davies
    • After a prank gift goes wrong, two men are stuck together during a Christmas storm, and sparks fly.
  • Dante by Stella Snow
    • Love at the Haven Book 1
    • A rent boy runs into trouble at the hotel where he’s been working and falls for the hotel owner’s friend.
  • Colder than Fiction by Amanda Meuwissen
    • An author struggling with his current book is visited by the book’s antagonist, who makes him an unusual offer.
  • Beautifully Explosive by Charity Parkerson
    • Candied Crush Book 11
    • A man has the opportunity to meet his longtime celebrity crush but may have difficulty convincing him to try a real relationship.
  • Lookin’ for Mr. Right: A Collection of Contemporary M/M Stories by J. J. Riley, Suki Gale, A.J. Macey, et al
    • A limited edition charity anthology of M/M romance short stories.
  • Crushed Pigment: A Novella (Harversville Falls) by Sophie E. Russell
    • A university art student struggling with a portrait comes across the nude model from his class working on his own painting.
  • Wish by AJ Sherwood and Jocelynn Drake
  • Raven Manor by T. L. Riffey
    • When a detective is called to investigate a series of murders at a mysterious manor, he ends up uncovering more than he expected to.

Jan. 12

  • Soul of Cinder by Bree Barton
    • Heart of Thorns Book 3
    • As a prince fights to reclaim his throne, and the elements begin to unbalance the world, three women search for a misty island that could save them all.
  • Overflow (Modern Plays) by Travis Alabanza
    • A play about a woman stuck in a bathroom reminiscing about the important encounters she’s had in public bathrooms.
  • His Brother’s Viscount by Stephanie Lake
    • A directionless baron’s son begins an affair with the viscount who was in love with–and jilted by–one of his brothers.
  • Journey to Cash by Ashley Bartlett
    • A woman finally out from under a drug business finds her life in turmoil again when her estranged mother shows up after twenty-three years, and her ex also reappears–with bad news.
  • Detransition, Baby: A Novel by Torrey Peters
    • The lives of two trans women are torn apart when one detrasitions, bringing their relationship to an end–but not their hope for having a child.
  • The Gangster by C.S. Poe
    • Magic & Steam Book 2
    • A special agent from the Federal Bureau of Magic and Steam has his hands full tracking down a gangster and trying to balance his law enforcement work with his relationship with a vigilante.
  • Shadows of Steele by Suzie Clarke
    • The relationship between two women is threatened by a vengeful CEO and a man who just can’t accept a “no.”
  • Out in the Cold by Kiki Clark
    • A man reeling from his fiance’s betrayal is rescued from a snowstorm by a lumberjack, and as the two wait out the storm together, sparks fly.
  • Hair Balls: An Opposites-Attract, Getting-Ready-for-the-Wedding, MM Romance by Tara Lain
    • Balls to the Wall Book 1
    • To get ready for his sister’s wedding, a man reluctantly agrees to get his hair and beard cut at a ritzy salon, where he develops more than a passing interest in the hair stylist.
  • Thor: Daughter of Asgard by Genevieve McClur
    • A woman discovers she’s the reincarnation of Thor and must help foil an evil plot.
  • Teddy’s Truth by KD Ellis
    • Out in Austin Book 1
    • Two men whose lives were destroyed by disastrous encounters with the Mexican cartel get another chance at a relationship–if they can leave the past behind.
  • Hearts Repaired by Caraway Carter
    • Professions of Love Book 1
    • A young doctor gets involved with an older mechanic and struggles to convince him that they could build a life together.
  • Half a Cowboy by Andrew Grey
    • A vet running his family’s ranch rescues a man he soon learns is desperate to escape his criminal ex.
  • Contingent Figure: Chronic Pain and Queer Embodiment by Michael D. Snediker
    • A look at queer literature through the lens of chronic pain.
  • Fur and Fangs by Nita Round
  • The International Language by Jen Luerssen
    • Oopsie Series Book 3
    • Two coworkers who have spent years traveling internationally together–and are secretly in love with each other–finally get the chance to make something happen.
  • Veterinary Technician by Nancy Wheelton
    • A single mom in a small town falls for a new school teacher as the two work together to save a stable of horses.
  • The First Last Kiss by Julie Cannon
    • At a tropical resort, a newly single woman meets and falls for a single mom.
  • Roll for Initiative: An M/M Enemies to Lovers Romance by Alex Silver
    • Table Topped Book 1
    • A man who had high hopes for a compatible new roommate discovers his new roomie might be more than he can handle.
  • Roommate by Sarina Bowen
    • A man with secrets finds himself falling for his new roommate.
  • Hot Roommate Blues: A Gay Bully Academy Romance by Parker Avrile
  • Kian’s Focus by Misty Walker
    • A man whose boyfriend died tragically comes to a small town to help his troubled sister and finds a love he’s not sure he can believe in.
  • Come Away with Me: A Lesbian Romance by Rachel Lacey
    • Midnight in Manhattan Book 3
    • An actress suffering from severe anxiety meets a flight attendant in a bar, and the two realize their casual encounter could become something more.
  • Protecting the Prince by Aiden Bates and Ali Lyda
  • Flakes: A Licking Thicket Prequel Novella by Lucy Lennox and May Archer
    • Two rivals are stranded in the house they’re renovating over New Year’s Eve, and sparks fly.
  • A Nothing Special New Year by AE Via
    • A police officer in Atlanta works to protect the city from a new lethal drug, even as a young homeless man piques his interest.

Jan. 13

Jan. 14

Jan. 15

Jan. 16

  • Ovid and Masculinity in English Renaissance Literature by John S. Garrison
    • An academic look at Ovid’s impact on Renaissance literature.
  • A Fate Worse Than This by Angela Kulig
    • Soul Painters Book 2
    • Three people face dark magic and the consequences of their actions as they try to find their places in the world.
  • Forecast by Casey Cox
    • 99 Daddies Book 3
    • A gym owner falls for a weatherman who’s looking for a fake boyfriend to help advance his career.
  • Reclaim: A Solstice Romance by Meg Embry
    • An omega shifter sensitive about being the last unmated person in his family lands himself in trouble when he realizes he’s pregnant–and not necessarily by the fellow shifter he’s been in love with for years.

What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

This week is a little light, but we hope you find ones you absolutely love in this list!

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Jan. 4

  • Under Your Touch by Megs Pritchard
    • Club Electra Book 2
    • A club owner and his much younger bartender fall for each other, but an incident at the club threatens their growing relationship.
  • New Year, New Me: A Thorned Heart Press Anthology by Professor Blyss, Venus Eos, Jennifer Miller, K.D. Croft, et al
    • A collection of New-Year’s-themed short stories from popular romance authors.
  • A Little Fairy Dust by Mell Knight
    • A collection of fairy-tale-themed short stories.
  • Give Way by Valentine Wheeler
    • A retired man meets an intriguing stranger who may just turn his life upside down.

Jan. 5

  • Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala
    • A talented cosplayer teams up with his ex–whom he still has feelings for–in order to compete in an important competition.
  • Siege of Rage and Ruin by Django Wexler
    • The Wells of Sorcery Book 3
    • After finally capturing an impossible ghost ship, a warrior mage returns home to hand over the ship in exchange for her sister’s life…but her home has changed, and the sisters’ reunion doesn’t go quite as planned.
  • The Mark of Things Unwanted by Alex Clifford
    • An immortal on the run falls in with a group of powerful witches.
  • Lava Red Feather Blue by Molly Ringle
    • A modern-day witch accidentally awakens a sleeping prince–and a dangerous fairy who wants to destroy all the humans on their island home.
  • Bane of the Bears by Helena Novak
  • Survival Kit by A. H. Haga and Anniken Haga
    • Two lovers fight the challenges of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and the living dead as they race to the safety.
  • Staying Alive by Merwin McCrady
    • A man losing sight of his dream to be an artist is contacted by his estranged father, who only has a short time left to live.
  • The Prophets by Robert Jones, Jr.
    • Two male slaves have their relationship–and their lives–threatened when another slave begins preaching the gospel in order to get in good with the master.
  • Black Queer Flesh: Rejective Subjectivity in the African American Novel by Alvin J. Henry
    • A look at how twentieth-century authors portray queer characters.
  • Wild Wild Wildlife by Hyougo Kijima
    • A BL manga anthology about a goatherd who is attacked by a lynx-man in the woods.
  • The Heiress: The Revelations of Anne de Bourgh by Molly Greeley
    • A novel set in the world of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice starring Anne de Bourgh, Darcy’s cousin, who fights to escape her sheltered life and live on her own terms.
  • Outlawed by Anna North
    • In order to save her own life, a woman joins a band of outlaws hatching a dangerous scheme to create a safe space for outcast women.
  • The New Doctor by Avery Summer
    • The Girl from Texas Book 1
    • A lesbian woman who grew up in a conservative Texas town tries to hide her sexuality now that she’s a doctor in LA, but her secret is threatened when a male coworker falls for her.
  • Demon’s Wish by Xenia Melzer
    • Demon Mates Book 1
    • A nervous bookshop owner who’s only interested in running a book club for magical creatures comes to the attention of a demon intrigued by his refusal to accept a free wish.
  • Revenge by Inge Mayhem
  • Tied up in Knots by Mary Calmes
    • Marshals Book 3
    • A US Marshal struggles with feelings of abandonment when his partner, a soldier, is often called away.

Jan. 6

  • Heart of Ash by Kathy Otten
    • During World War I, two pilots in the Royal Flying Corps fall for each other but question whether they’ll make it out of the war alive.
  • Bearly Standing by Kayci Morgan
    • Bears of Southoak Book 6
    • A woman on the down-and-out is given the opportunity to build herself back up when two bear shifters claim her as their mate.
  • Bearly Beginning by Kayci Morgan
    • Bears of Southoak Book 5
    • A female alpha bear shifter tries to juggle leading her clan, raising her child alone, and meeting two men who know more about her situation than they’re letting on.
  • Stars Collide by Mia Monroe
    • Written in the Stars Book 1
    • A hardworking science major gets stuck training a golden boy athlete, and much to their surprise, they bond over a love of science.

Jan. 7

  • Taken to Task by Kayci Morgan
    • A man who’s new to town uses a hookup app to meet someone for the night, but when he discovers his “straight” partner was acting on orders from a “Mistress,” he goes to investigate.
  • The Prince and the Thief by P.S. Scott
    • A jewel thief teams up with a prince trying to get some compromising letters back from his uncle, but when their relationship turns romantic, they’re faced with a conflict between the thief’s need to stand with the rebels and the prince’s duty to stand by the king.
  • The Real Story by Sienna Waters
    • A reporter in desperate need of a story ends up getting a job as an assistant to a juicy prospect, but when the two women begin to fall for each other, the reporter’s story becomes the least of her concerns.
  • Can You See Me? by Romilly King
    • The Outreach Book 1
    • A reporter and a vet suffering from PTSD are brought together by a program designed to help people safely explore various kinks.
  • Down by the Sea by Felice Stevens
    • The Landmark Series Book 3
    • A man struggles with a decision to return to England to study, which he may have to do without his partner.
  • Inspiration Takes a Vacation: An Epic Love Story by Annette Mori
    • A blocked writer meets a strange woman on the beach, and over the course of several days, they discover both their feelings for each other and the increasing danger as creative inspiration in their community begins to disappear.
  • I’m in Love with the Villainess (Light Novel) Vol. 2 by Inori and Hanagata
    • The second volume of a light novel series about a commoner and a noble who fall in love.

Jan. 8

  • Love Is a Stranger by John Wiltshire
    • More Heat Than the Sun Book 1
    • An ex-soldier falls in love with his enigmatic (and married) boss, who turns out to be keeping dangerous secrets of his own.
  • The Shape of Sex: Nonbinary Gender from Genesis to the Renaissance by Leah DeVun
    • A historical look at representations of hermaphrodites and changing concepts of gender.
  • Safe by Jessica Frances
    • In Midsummer Book 5
    • Two men struggle against sabotage, disaster, and even a killer to make it through their long-awaited wedding.
  • Razieh by Hayden West
    • Ascension Book 14
    • In a world where angels are on the brink of extinction, an angel meets and falls for a human, and the two both become targets.
  • Dear Daddy, Please Keep Me by Moriticia Knight
    • Naughty or Nice Book 7
    • A man looking for two older partners turns to a kink app and a little help from Santa.
  • Just a Little Madness by Merry Farmer
    • The Brotherhood Book 7
    • A high-society man reluctantly joins forces with a charismatic actor to track down a missing child, but their very different approaches become a threat to not only their growing relationship, but also to the safety of the kidnapped child.
  • An Ideal Man by Adonis Ramirez Parra
    • A Mexican boy who’s been forced to hide his sexuality escapes to the US, where he finds both heartache and love.
  • Captive in the Underworld: A Dark Lesbian Romance Novel by Lianyu Tan
    • A retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth in which Persephone struggles to find herself despite her overbearing mother Demeter and her captor, a female Hades.

What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

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Dec. 27

Dec. 28

Dec. 29

  • Recruit Unoiled by Emerson Belle
    • Virility and Valor Book 2
    • As part of a virtual reality training session, an army recruit receives some orders he’s not sure he can carry out.
  • Blood Winter by S.J. Coles
    • In a world where “haemophiles” are trying to reenter a society that still fears them, a man who’d prefer to be a hermit ends up helping one of these strange creatures with potentially disastrous results.
  • Teddy Spenser Isn’t Looking for Love by Kim Fielding
    • A designer is teamed up with a stuffy engineer, and while the two start off by clashing, they grow reluctantly closer as the project continues and begin to wonder what its completion will mean for them.
  • Sheriff’s Secret by K Webster
    • Brigs Ferry Bay Book 1
    • A small-town, closeted sheriff meets a B&B owner who agrees to keep things discreet, but keeping secrets takes a toll on both of them.
  • Severed by Ignacio Lopez
    • A monologue told in two voices about sexuality, monstrosity, and empathy.
  • Black Boys by Virgilia Griffith, Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, Tawiah M’Carthy, Thomas Antony Olajide, et al
    • A collection of text and design by multiple authors showcases the story of three very different Black men and their identities.

Dec. 30

Dec. 31

Jan. 1

Jan. 2

  • By the Sword by S.L Davies
    • Two men trying to rebuild their destroyed village meet a woman trying to escape her past, and the three become involved.

What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! We are working on a better system for finding Children’s and Middle-Grade lgbt+-related books to make sure that we include all of them, too! 🌈

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Dec. 20

Dec. 21

Dec. 22

Dec. 23

  • Girls Kingdom by Nayo
    • Girls Kingdom Book 1
    • The first volume in a manga series about a girl who realizes she’s been accepted into a prestigious high school that trains girls to be personal maids to upper-class students.
  • The Faker Rulebook by Baylin Crow
    • A man trying to hide his feelings for his presumably straight best friend gets a surprise when said friend suggests they pretend to be dating to deliver some payback to a cheating ex at a wedding.

Dec. 24

Dec. 25

Dec. 26