What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

Note: Please read summaries and reviews to find content that suits your interest range! We understand that some content may be objectionable to some readers, but we are only aiming to provide a list of what is available. It is up to you to make a judgment call based on content. 💜

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Feb. 21

  • Dread and the Broken Witch by Andrew Wallace
    • Luna Novella Book 3
    • When a child is endangered, her village turns to their healer–a transgender witch who lost her powers in an ancient war but is still their best hope.
  • Cream by Jay H.D.
    • A teen with a dead-end summer job tries to juggle his attraction to the resident bad boy–who already has a girlfriend–and his mission to find the truth behind a recent murder.
  • Magic of Wolf by Xya Olsen
    • Magic of Four Book 2
    • A student in his second year at Oracle Academy faces a death prophecy, unruly magic, and a haunting by a ghost only he can hear.

Feb. 22

  • Savage by Charity Parkerson
    • Hellish Book 12
    • When he gets the opportunity to meet his boxing hero, a fox shifter realizes his interest is less in boxing and more in a particular boxer.
  • Broken Valentine by Ashlynn Mills
    • Two men who hook up at a club learn the next day that they’re teacher and student and have to decide if they still want to pursue the relationship.
  • Forbidden Ink by Ali Lyda
    • A man discovers he’s a father and tries to become part of his daughter’s life even though it means having to deal with her uncle, whom he’s definitely not falling for.
  • Eve: A Steamy African American Lesbian Romance Novel by Amanda Oakley
    • Finding Connection Book 2
    • An NYC woman decides to come out and pursue the person she loves, but things don’t go as planned.
  • The Sisterhood: Episode Nine: A Serialized Apocalypse & Academy Saga by Tali Inlow
    • The Sisterhood Book 9
    • After the end of the world, two women who attended an elite academy together years ago must rely on each other to save their fellow alums.
  • Crybaby by Marina Vivancos
    • A man starts to have second thoughts after he agrees to sleep with his best friend, who’s never been with another man before.
  • Key to My Heart by Brittany Coumoyer
    • An older music professor falls for a younger man who runs a tow truck business.

Feb. 23

  • Eidolon by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge
    • Circuit Fae Book 5
    • Two fairy queens believe they’ve brought peace to their realm…until their rule is threatened by a new enemy determined to destroy both the fairy and human worlds.
  • Mazie by Melanie Crowd
    • In the 1950s, a small-town Nebraska girl jumps on the chance to go to New York City in hopes of hitting it big on Broadway.
  • Best Laid Plans by Roan Parrish
    • Garnet Run Book 2
    • A man who’s spent his life trying to fix things meets a man who’s spent his breaking them.
  • Tik Tok No by Lucy Ravens
    • Friend Zone Book 1
    • A novella about a man who decides to tell his best friend that he’s been in love with him for years.
  • Sunny Pastures by Lilah Suzanne
    • Come What May Book 4
    • When a big-city woman’s life falls apart, she goes to stay with her grandmother and falls for a local health aide.
  • Straight to the Heart by S. J. Coles
    • An FBI agent heads to a small town to investigate a murder and gets distracted by a lab technician who seems to know more than he’s letting on.
  • Mint to Be by Madelynne Ellis
    • Stirred Passions Book 4
    • While drunk, a man claims to be involved in a polyamorous relationship and later has to follow through with his lie by inviting his “partners” to a wedding…and maybe actually falling for them.
  • Owned by Nicole Edwards
    • Office Intrigue Book 8
    • A woman who’s spent years hiding from a dangerous past finds herself in trouble again and has to rely on a man she’s never met to keep her and her brother safe.
  • Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers
    • A high-achieving woman who’s just finished her PhD finds herself uncharacteristically drunk and married to a woman she barely knows, and as the two get to know each other, she begins to rethink her life path.
  • Keeping Casey by Amy Aislin
    • Keeping Him Book 1
    • A college student agrees to pretend to be his hockey-playing best friend’s boyfriend to get the team captain off his back, but the plan backfires when real feelings come into play.
  • Queer and Feminist Theories of Narrative by Tory Young
    • An academic study looking at queer and feminist theories in media.
  • at first & then by Danielle Rose
    • A debut poetry chapbook covering themes including addiction, grief, trauma, and gender.
  • The Messiah’s Customary Diner Booth by Marion Deal
    • A collection of poems covering many different times and places.
  • Carnage by Weasel
    • Three friends are trapped in a haunted house and forced to confront their issues with addiction and abuse.
  • Inside Mari Volume 7 by Shuzo Oshimi
    • The seventh volume in a manga series about a college dropout who finds himself trapped in the body of a high school girl.
  • Skin for Skin by Terry Grimwood
    • Luna Novella Book 5
    • A troubled priest is exiled to a remote parish, where she becomes part of a dangerous supernatural battle.
  • Who Knows the Moonlight by Tere Michaels
    • The Vigilante Book 3
    • A vigilante and his partner fight against a villain bent on destroying New York City.
  • Hooked on You by K. Evan Coles
    • A stressed paramedic turns to a yarn shop to pick up a relaxing new hobby and ends up falling for the shop owner.
  • Finding Ian by Riley Hart
    • Finding Book 2
    • Three men run into trouble when their kink exploration moves toward more long-term feelings.
  • Priest by Aiden Bates and Ali Lyda
    • Hell’s Ankhor Book 10
    • Two old friends who are part of a motorcycle club struggle with the realization that their friendship may be turning romantic.

Feb. 24

  • The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting by KJ Charles
    • A con artist sets his sights on an heiress, but said heiress’s uncle gets suspicious–a situation that becomes even more complicated when they begin to fall for each other.
  • Personal Pan by Darlene Everly
    • A Comfort Food Romance Book 1
    • Unlucky in love, a woman trying to run her family’s pizza parlor turns to a transman to help her win the heart of his cousin–which backfires when she realizes her “fake” relationship is more real than she realized.

Feb. 25

Feb. 26

Feb. 27

  • Midnight Heist by Katherine McIntyre
    • Outlaws Book 1
    • In debt to the mafia, the leader of a group of outlaws finds himself falling for his mark–who doesn’t seem aware of his company’s misdoings.
  • Voyeur Vol VI by Louisa Mae
    • Voyeur Book 6
    • The enigmatic owner of an exclusive club is on the verge of marriage, but his past may keep him and his fiance apart.
  • Vacation Tails by Deanna Wadsworth
    • Pride of the Caribbean Book 2
    • An unusually lucky aquarium store owner goes on a cruise staffed by paranormal creatures and finds love–which is immediately threatened by a series of problems including untapped magic and ancient legends.
  • This Is Not Revenge by Romily King
    • A man captures the person who killed his father and finds himself interested in something other than revenge.
  • Scalpels & Psychopaths by S.C. Wynne
    • Dr. Maxwell Thornton Murder Mysteries Book 2
    • A doctor attends a boring birthday party that becomes just the opposite when the mayor’s father is murdered.
  • Hidden Path by Elena Fortún
    • In early twentieth-century Spain, a woman reminisces about her relationships with the women she loved and her struggles to grow as a painter.

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