What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

Note: Please read summaries and reviews to find content that suits your interest range! We understand that some content may be objectionable to some readers, but we are only aiming to provide a list of what is available. It is up to you to make a judgment call based on content. 💜

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Feb. 28

Mar. 1

  • Siren Calling by Sydnie Beaupré
    • A half siren who has always fought against her murderous power finds it harder to ignore when she meets and falls for another girl.
  • The Quarter: Dead Things Season Four: Episode Two by Martina McAtee
  • My Easter Miracle by Bruce K Beck
    • Holiday Novella Series Book 2
    • A photographer assigned to a celebrity wedding meets and unexpectedly falls for the videographer assigned to be his partner.
  • Better for You: A Harrison Campus Novella by Andy Gallo and Anyta Sunday
    • A lonely college bookworm falls for the fraternity jock he’s been assigned to tutor.
  • Hemlock and Exile by Christie Kenwyn
    • A soldier and a bounty hunter slowly uncover the lies their people told them even as they struggle with their growing attraction to each other.
  • Sapphire of Prejudice by Ann M. Praley
    • Forbidden Conflicts Book 4
    • Two men who grew up together as part of a dangerous gang family struggle to hide their feelings for each other–which could get them killed.
  • Talk to Me by Zoe Amos
    • A woman who’s recently separated from her husband takes a job at a radio station and falls for the resident “sharp-tongued lesbian shock jock.”
  • An Echo in the Sorrow by Hailey Turner
  • Monarch by Geonn Cannon
    • Claire Lance Book 6
    • A woman who was once a vigilante but has now settled down to become the sheriff of a small Washington town finds her past catching up with her when a fellow police officer is murdered.
  • Tempest: Poems by Ryan Meyer
    • A collection of poems about fear, hope, and self-identity.
  • No Birds Sing Here by Daniel V. Jr. Meier
    • Two young people set out on an allegorical road trip to find the meaning of life and art.
  • Look Alive by Luiza Flynn-Goodlett
    • A collection of poetry about the queer femme identity in the modern world.
  • Dancing to Forever by Amarra Skye
  • of Maidens & Swords by Melissa Marr
    • A collection of fantasy short stories.
  • Minding Her Business by Lea Ellen
  • Let’s Go Out by Kelly Jensen
    • Let’s Connect Book 2
    • A man struggling with agoraphobia decides to take a chance on the opportunity to get to know his neighbor better.
  • Manhattan Money by Carol Wyatt
    • A woman about to take over her estranged father’s business meets and falls for a woman who turns out to be far more connected to that legacy than either of them realize.
  • Microscopes and Magic by Andi C. Buchanan
    • Windflower Book 2
    • A scientist who has absorbed the magic in a family heirloom struggles to use her temporary powers for good in order to combat destructive forces from destroying her city.

Mar. 2

  • The Nightland Express by J. M. Lee
    • Two desperate teens in the antebellum South join the Pony Express and soon realize that their world isn’t the only one that is increasingly in danger.
  • Follow Your Arrow by Jessica Verdi
    • A bi girl whose relationship with her girlfriend has made them both internet famous finds her world turned upside down when the relationship ends…and she starts falling for the new boy, who doesn’t know about her online fame.
  • At His Mercy by Elvira Bell
    • After getting caught stealing from a lord, a thief is given a very specific offer in order to win his freedom.
  • Pleasure & Spice by Fiona Zedde
    • How Sweet It Is Book 6
    • Two best friends–one happily situated in her LGBTQ+ community, the other struggling after a difficult divorce–turn to risky behaviors that might destroy their friendship.
  • Blood on Tap by Riley Long
    • A retired rockstar (who also happens to be a vampire) buys a pub and sets about seducing his only employee.
  • Eternal Knight by Victoria Sue
  • Creep Love by Michael Walsh
    • A story, told in poetry, about a pregnant woman, her abusive boyfriend, and her younger sister.
  • Fabulous in Tights by Hal Bodner
  • Justine by Forsyth Harmon
    • During the summer of 1999, a teenage girl becomes obsessed with modeling herself after an older coworker.
  • I Think I Love You by Auriana Desombre
    • Two girls compete for a trip to a film festival in Los Angeles and fall in love along the way.
  • Phoenix Flame by Sara Holland
    • Havenfall Book 2
    • After saving her family’s inn, which acts as a magical sanctuary, a teen is thrust into a complicated mission involving black-market magical objects, a world of shapeshifters, and her own family’s dark secrets.
  • Down Comes the Night by Allison Saft
    • A girl looking for redemption is hired to save a servant from a mysterious illness–but the “servant” turns out to be her kingdom’s sworn enemy, and beating the magic involved will force them to work together against a monster-filled mansion.
  • A Not So Typical Love by Tristen Rowen
    • A nineteen-year-old with challenging behavioral problems comes out of his shell when he falls for an older man based on their mutual love of music.
  • Openly Yours by Colette Davison
  • Here Loves a Sociopath: A Dark Bully Academy Romance by C.L. Matthews
  • Arthropoda by Xenia Melzer
    • Arthropoda Book 1
    • Two detectives whose methods are at odds investigate the deaths of three girls, but the secrets they’re keeping from each other threaten to keep them from solving the case.
  • A Tree That Owns Itself: A Novel by R. L. ReFour
    • In 1834, a young slave and the son of his owner dance around the possibility of a romantic relationship while everyone around them tries to keep them apart.

Mar. 3

  • Queer Werewolves Destroy Capitalism by Mj Lyons
    • A collection of M/M erotic short stories featuring queer werewolves on anticapitalism missions.
  • The Home I Find with You by Skye Kilaen
    • A polyamorous romance about three people trying to survive and heal in rural Colorado after a second Civil War.
  • Peacekeepers by Kat Sinclair
    • An Italian daemon hunter joins a prestigious hunting organization, but when his past catches up with him, he has to turn to an unlikely ally for help.
  • The Sword in the Street by C.M. Caplan
    • The Ink and the Steel Book 1
    • A man who relies on trial by battle in order to get by discovers a new option when his boyfriend starts studying a new magical skill that could help them escape poverty–or get them killed.

Mar. 4

  • Elven Duty: An MM Urban Fantasy Romance by Rhys Lawless
    • An ordinary man is thrown into a world of magic when he learns he’s an elf, and the man he’s supposed to hate because of a family feud is also his soulmate.
  • Puppuccino by Allison Temple
    • A desperate man with a destructive puppy falls for the dog trainer he goes to for help.
  • He Braves the Storm by Kody Boye
    • The Elements of Ice Book 3
    • The new leader of the Central Texas Kaldr Clan causes problems when he refuses to uphold an agreement that would endanger his new pack.
  • Knight by Aubree Valentine
    • Day and Knight Series Book 2
    • Struggling under the weight of his secrets, a man returns to his rural Pennsylvania hometown only to realize he can’t outrun his past.
  • Xavier by Silvia Violet
    • Vigilance Book 4
    • A bodyguard gets more involved with his charge than he intended to.
  • The Boy Who Loved Wicked by C.P. Harris
    • A high school student falls in love with his teacher.
  • He Braved the Storm by Kody Boye
    • The Elements of Ice Book 3
    • The new ruler of a clan of shifters has to figure out how to keep his pack safe in the face of new conflicts and dangers.

Mar. 5

  • Judd by J D Toombs
    • The Fragmented Chronicles Book 1
    • In a world where everyone has magical powers, one “normal” boy struggles to hide his secret.
  • Bite Me!: A Gay Vampire Romance by LE Franks
    • Fang Club Book 1
    • A vampire gets caught up in the machinations of a mysterious club and its members.
  • Loving Love by Jessica Frances
    • In Midsummer Book 7
    • A woman returns to the town she left abruptly seventeen years ago in order to try for a second chance with the woman she still loves.
  • Starting from the Top by Lane Hayes
    • Starting From Book 5
    • On a break from the road, a rock star finds himself falling for his temporary neighbor…who also happens to be a bandmate’s ex.
  • When Words Grow Fangs by Chase Connor
    • A high school student becomes the center of controversy when he writes a scathing article denouncing his school’s refusal to support an LGBTQ+ after school club.
  • Angel in Heat by J. Hali Steele
    • A fallen angel running a club on Earth meets a demon, and they bond over their mutual need to find their way back to their respective homes.

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