What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

Note: Please read summaries and reviews to find content that suits your interest range! We understand that some content may be objectionable to some readers, but we are only aiming to provide a list of what is available. It is up to you to make a judgment call based on content. 💜

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Mar. 21

Mar. 22

  • Divide & Conquer by McKenzie Stark
    • Two girls stuck in a school for delinquents find themselves falling for each other.
  • Somebody 2 Love by Maria Vickers
    • A man whose fiance left him struggles with his growing feelings for an army doctor.
  • Walk Through Fire by Jo Davis
    • A new firefighter being stalked by his ex turns to a local police officer for help . . . and maybe a new chance at love.
  • Heartscape by Garrett Leigh
    • Vino and Veritas Book 2
    • A man struggling to run a wine bar offers his couch to a stranger in need and ends up falling for him despite their respective baggage.
  • Headstrong by Eden Finley
    • Vino and Veritas Book 3
    • A straight man offers to be a gay man’s wingman, but things get complicated when he realizes he might not be straight after all.
  • Gravemound by Kim Fielding
    • A man stuck on a planet far from home accepts an offer from a local to provide him with help if he can guard a gravemound for three nights.
  • The Foxxxy Gentlemen’s Club: Christian by Nikole Knight
  • Broken Valentine by Ashlynn Mills
    • After being left at the altar, a man has a quick fling with a dancer in a gentleman’s club, only to discover that his hook-up is also his student.
  • The Sisterhood: Episode Eleven: A Serialized Apocalypse & Academy Saga by Tali Inlow
    • The Sisterhood Book 11
    • The eleventh book in a series about a world after the apocalypse in which two women fight to save their fellow alums from an elite academy.

Mar. 23

Mar. 24

  • Infinite by Charlie Godwyne
    • Sky Nymph Book 1
    • A man trying to build himself a new life after emigrating to Austria meets, befriends, and ultimately falls for two men who need his help finding their way back to each other.
  • Coming Home by Taylor V. Donovan
    • Queerriqueños Book 1
    • A Puerto Rican Hollywood star and the army man he once loved get a second chance at making their relationship work.
  • Love Practice: An MM Friends to Lovers Roommates Romance by A.F. Zoelle
    • Good Bad Idea Book 7
    • A man who can never get a second date asks his roommate to help him, but their “lessons” soon become complicated by their feelings for each other.
  • Getting It Together by Sina Grace, Omar Spahi, Jenny D. Fine, and Mx. Struble
    • Getting It Together Book 1
    • When a couple decides to move to an open relationship, their various friends and family members have a hard time adjusting to the change in this first volume of a graphic novel series.
  • Infamous: Tiger King: The Ultimate Exotic Edition by Michael Frizell and Joe Paradise
    • A graphic novel version of the Netflix series.
  • The Memory Project: A Sci-Fi Mystery Novel by Andrew C Youngson
    • A Weaver–someone who can experience other people’s memories–returns to his Thai boarding school to track down the truth behind a memory he can’t explain.
  • Hollow Heart #2 by Paul Allor and Paul Tucker
    • Hollow Heart Book 2
    • A former human, now only a collection of organs in a suit, meets and falls for a mechanic who tries to help him.

Mar. 25

Mar. 26

Mar. 27

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