What’s COMING OUT (pun intended) this week? We love lgbtqia+ books and we want you to find ones you love, too!⁠ Thank you to bardicfool from Instagram for helping us out this time! Let us know anything that we missed in the comments! Independent books, especially, seem to pop up last minute so sometimes we do miss them! 🌈

Note: Please read summaries and reviews to find content that suits your interest range! We understand that some content may be objectionable to some readers, but we are only aiming to provide a list of what is available. It is up to you to make a judgment call based on content. 💜

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May 16

May 17

May 18

  • It Goes Like This by Miel Moreland
    • Four teens whose popular queer band has fallen apart are brought back to their hometown for one last concert.
  • May the Best Man Win by ZR Ellor
    • A trans boy challenges his ex-boyfriend for the title of Homecoming King.
  • Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan
    • After being kicked out of her Catholic school for being queer, an out-and-proud track athlete falls for a closeted beauty queen at her new high school.
  • In the Ravenous Dark by A.M. Strickland
    • After a bloodmage accidentally reveals her power, she is assigned an undead spirit who can control her, and the two join a rebellious princess in discovering a secret that could destroy their world.
  • Fence: Disarmed by Sarah Rees Brennan
    • Fence Book 2
    • A fencing team takes a trip to Europe, where they try to overcome difficult opponents and secrets within the team.
  • Nothing But Good by Kess McKinley
    • An FBI agent known for orderly conduct goes after a very messy serial killer who may be targeting his best friend.
  • Sage and King by Molly Ringle
    • When his two older brothers are murdered, a prince is crowned king and thrust into his family’s secret relationship with magic, guided only by a powerful sage who knows more than he’s letting on.
  • Hunter and Hunted by M.D. Grimm
    • The Shifter Chronicles Book 4
    • An orphan is taken in by an organization that hunts shifters, but as he grows up, he begins to realize that he sides more with the hunted than the hunters.
  • Hold Him Close by J.P. Bowie
    • A PI and his detective husband deal with missing persons, hired assassins, and blackmail.
  • Wyvern Ways and Elven Magic by Bailey Bradford
    • Fire & Flutter Book 2
    • A wyvern shifter goes to a “royal-adjacent” elf to find a way to escape his involvement with a wyvern-elf alliance treaty.
  • Pas de Deux by E. J. Noyes
    • A would-be Olympic gold medalist in horse dressage learns her team’s vet is someone with whom she has a complicated history.
  • Proficiency Bonus by Charlie Novak
  • All Fired Up: A Suspenseful Paranormal Romance by Jenn Burke
    • Ashes and Dust Book 1
    • A vampire private investigator finds himself inexplicably bonded to a firefighter with no memory, and the two are forced to track down some answers not only for their own situation, but also for why the paranormal creatures around them are dying.
  • Kraken My Heart by K.L. Hiers
    • Sucker for Love Mysteries Book 2
    • A funeral worker finds himself in an alternate dimension with only a catlike immortal to help him unravel a cosmic conspiracy.
  • Reclaiming Pride: An MM Shifter Story by Jessie G
    • Kindred Story Book 2
    • A shifter is hesitant to commit to his fated mate after losing so many of the people he cares about–but he may have no choice when it turns out his mate is the only one who can stop their enemies.
  • Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall
    • Winner Bakes All Book 1
    • A single mom enters a TV baking competition, hoping the prize money will keep her daughter looked after, but things heat up when she finds herself falling for the “wrong” person.
  • King’s Stalemate by Aiden Bates
  • The Beekeeper by Bev Prescott
    • After a health scare, an attorney goes to stay with her aunt in the country and finds community and love with her fellow beekeepers.
  • The Sower by Rob Jung
    • Chimera Chronicles Book 2
    • A transgender detective and her agency become involved with a murder investigation that includes scheming politicians and a controversial painting.
  • Yes, Daddy by Jonathan Parks-Ramage
    • A young playwright begins an affair with his idol, but things take a dark turn when he realizes his idol’s estate in the Hamptons is full of what appear to be abused men.
  • A Door Behind a Door by Yelena Moskovich
    • An immigrant from the Soviet Union of the early 90s finds her new American life increasingly damaged by her unresolved past.
  • Darryl by Jackie Ess
    • A man who seems to have it all–including an unusual marriage–finds himself in danger of destroying everything he’s built for himself.
  • Hijras, Lovers, Brothers: Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India by Vaibhav Saria
    • Thinking from Elsewhere Book 5
    • The experiences of the hijras, a stigmatized trans population in India, are explored in this record of the author’s two-year stay with the community.
  • Let the Record Show: A Political History of ACT UP New York, 1987-1993 by Sarah Schulman
    • A look at the political history of ACT UP, a group that brought disparate activists together to fight the AIDS epidemic in New York.
  • All the Rage: A Partial Memoir in Two Acts and a Prologue by Brad Fraser
    • A memoir by a controversial Canadian playwright sharing his experiences as he built his career and struggled through the AIDS epidemic.
  • Loving before Loving: A Marriage in Black and White by Joan Steinau Lester
    • A memoir by a white civil rights activist who married a Black man before interracial marriages were legal.
  • The Daring Life and Dangerous Times of Eve Adams by Jonathan Ned Katz
    • A biography of Eve Adams, a Jewish immigrant to the US whose book Lesbian Love led to her deportation and murder in Nazi Germany.
  • Twilight Man: Love and Ruin in the Shadow of Hollywood and the Clark Empire by Liz Brown
    • A biography of Harrison Post, the secret lover of the son of a wealthy LA mining tycoon, who became embroiled in an inheritance battle after his partner died suddenly.
  • Punch Me Up to the Gods: A Memoir by Brian Broome
    • A memoir about growing up Black and gay in Ohio.
  • United States of Grace: A Memoir of Homelessness, Addiction, Incarceration, and Hope by Lenny Duncan
    • A memoir about a queer Black man who left home at 13 and hitchhiked across the country, facing challenges and ultimately coming into his own definition of faith and joy.
  • Off the Record by Camryn Garrett
    • A teen journalist wins a contest to do a celebrity profile, but her interviews lead her to a secret that could destroy her burgeoning career if she reveals it–and threaten the safety of the women she’s interviewed if she doesn’t.
  • Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater
    • The Dreamer Trilogy Book 2
    • As the power behind the world’s dreamers fails, thieves, hunters, and the dreamers themselves try to determine what they need to do–and what they need to give up–in order to save their own lives.
  • Dive In: Yellow Card Episode 1 by F.A. Ray
  • Tending Tyler by Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga
    • A grieving New York bartender meets a quick-thinking Texas rancher, and the two try to figure out a way to bring their very different lives together.

May 19

  • TidalWave Artist Showcase: Randy Green by Randy Green
    • A collection of artwork by American comic book artist Randy Green.
  • Power Interruption by A.J. Marcus
    • The Dragon Elite Book 3
    • Two enemy shifters must work together to figure out who is targeting both of their clans.
  • You Had One Job by Cari Z and L.A. Witt
    • A Russian mobster and an Italian mobster decide to work together to find out why they’re being targeted by their own organizations.
  • Invisible Strings by Aimee Nicole Walker
    • A journalist and a scientist who meet in Savannah over the summer question how long their relationship will last.

May 20

May 21

May 22

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