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THE EIDOLON by KD Edwards - preorder

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Rainbow Crate and K.D. Edwards have teamed up on an upcoming exclusive release!

Rainbow Crate will release an exclusive, limited-run hardcover edition of THE EIDOLON, a tie-in adventure starring Max, Quinn, and Anna from HOURGLASS that's never been seen before. 

Information about this edition: 

☀️First limited run of 1,000 units 

☀️Hardcover edition

☀️Hand-signed bookplates by KD Edwards

☀️Exclusive cover art by Oblivionsdream with gold foiling

☀️Exclusive interior art with artists to be announced

☀️Stenciled edges

☀️Foiling on the naked hardcover

☀️Forward by the author

☀️Series glossary

☀️Content warnings

☀️A map of New Atlantis

This is a PREORDER and is expected to ship in early 2023. This is not part of the normal subscription.

In the epic conclusion to K.D. Edwards' first blockbuster trilogy in The Tarot Sequence series, readers followed Rune on a race against time as an age-old threat rose to threaten the city of New Atlantis. Now, for the first time, we present to you what really happened to Max, Quinn, and Anna in the Hourglass Throne's base of operation, a sprawling underground ghost trap known as The Eidolon.

The Eidolon is the first in a brand-new collection of stories called The Tarot Accounts. Set in the same universe as The Tarot Sequence, these new stories will be told through the various points-of-view of Rune's found family. In partnership with Rainbow Crate, the world's largest queer subscription box service, The Eidolon will be available in print exclusively here, in a limited-edition hardcover containing unique artwork, a series glossary, a map of New Atlantis, and so much more! Hurry to place your preorder now, as the first edition is limited to 1000 copies worldwide. This book is not part of our normal monthly subscription and must be purchased here, separately.

The Eidolon Exclusive Hardcover Edition is available for $24.99 + shipping and is expected to ship in early 2023.

Also, coming soon... exclusive matching hardcovers of the first Tarot Sequence trilogy! Stay tuned for a future announcement!