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The TAROT Sequence Books 1-3 in Hardcover

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Rainbow Crate in collaboration with KD Edwards are excited to bring to you an EXCLUSIVE hardcover set of the first 3 books in the TAROT Sequence. 

This set will include The Last Sun, The Hanged Man, and The Hourglass Throne for the first time in hardcover format. 

Each book will come with the original art dust jacket as well as a SECOND double sided, reversible dust jacket with exclusive art by the artists listed below.

The Last Sun with art by Kelly (@orbynit) and Bethany (@cheshire.cath94). 

The Hanged Man with art by Meno (@Menonorc) and Bethany (@cheshire.cath94). 

The Hourglass Throne with art by Glynnis (@inkydandy) and Bethany (@cheshire.cath94). 

 As well as layout and design by Justyna (@astrumiel). 

The set will also be 3 different hand-signed bookplates designed by Dezaray (@oblivionsdream)

These are a limited run of 500 copies.

This is a preorder and will not ship until fall 2022. The shipping date will be announced once we have a more solid date.