Official Statements

The following apology was made on 4.26.2024, regarding our former statements concerning D.N. Bryn and Freydis Moon. [former statement 1] [former statement 2]   

We realize we made a mistake and we would like to properly apologize.

We acted emotionally in response to people asking for our stance regarding D.N. Bryn and forgot the real issue at hand—that of Freydís Moon and their campaign of bullying, racism, and fraud. The news about Freydís was shocking and hurtful.

Rainbow Crate will never feature Freydís Moon or any of their aliases in any capacity effective immediately. We are in the process of removing all of our posts with any works associated with them across all our platforms.

For clarity's sake, we would like to emphasize that we fully disavow Freydís and their actions and regret that we were manipulated by them. We are sorry for the hurt we caused the bookish community.

Most importantly, in regards to our prior treatment of D.N. Bryn, we are deeply regretful of the way that we handled this situation. In our attempts to offer transparency, we instead only caused more harm. For this, we apologize to D.N. Bryn; we are so incredibly sorry for how our words and actions have hurt you. Additionally, we're sorry to any other authors we’ve made feel unsafe.

We acknowledge the hurt that we have caused with these public statements. We acknowledge that we can't take back the actions we took or the statements we've posted and have no expectation of forgiveness from the community. Instead, we wish to make it publicly known that we realize we were wrong and we will go forward more thoughtfully and grow from these mistakes.

In short, we are sorry for the hurt we've caused and for disappointing our community. We've learned a lot from this experience, and are taking steps to ensure we do better in the future.

The Rainbow Crate Team