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What's Inside a Box?

Books and Goodies in Your Mail Every Month!

Every month, we'll send you a box full of exclusive queer bookish goodies tailored to a well-thought-out theme!

Every Box Includes:
A hardcover copy of a newly released traditonally published queer book with an exclusive dust jacket
A bookplate signed by the author
-A special edition hardcover of an indie book with various customizations
A bookplate signed by the author
A spoiler card detailing the box's contents. On the back of each card is an art print showcasing favorite characters or scenes in the book!
A character magnet featuring characters from a fan-favorite queer book!
- One original, high-quality item based on our theme and/or another queer book!
The Rainbow Gaze, our monthly newsletter which introduces you to the other queer books represented in that month's box, introduces a queer charity of the month, lists other lgbt+ books coming out you might find interesting, and more!


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