An illustration of a cement wall ripped open to reveal crumbling red bricks beneath. The words “I want” and “to love” are spray-painted on the bricks in white, and in the center is the word “zombody” in green, puffy, dripping font.

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We are ever-pleased to reveal that our April 2024 theme is…


April’s two books are proof that love doesn’t have to end with death. Read here to find out more, or start your subscription below!

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a neon sign on a dark brick wall. The sign says “Angels & Demons,” and angel is in yellow with a halo over the g. Demons is in red with horns on the o. Above this it says “R.A.D. presents,” and below “May 2024”

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Angels are good and demons are bad, right? Sometimes it’s not always so black & white. We’re exploring the spicy side of the supernatural in this box!

🔥 The May R.A.D. theme is Angels & Demons 🔥

R.A.D. is a quarterly box offering two spicy queer reads at a time, and is currently on a waitlist. If you join, you will be offered a subscription slot when one is available on a first-come, first-serve basis! Read here to find out more about the theme, or join the waitlist below!

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A graphic with a white brick wall background. Along the top it reads “All For the Game Trilogy”. In the middle are three front covers for each book of the trilogy. Underneath the covers is a bulleted list which says “Hardcover Set”, “Exclusive New Covers”, “Art on the Hardcovers”, “Art Endpapers”, “Printed Edges” and “...And More!”.

All For The Game special edition set

🧡 In collaboration with Nora Sakavic,
Rainbow Crate is pleased to announce our long-anticipated special edition set of the
All For The Game series! 🧡

This is an open preorder with no limits. Sets will ship in Fall 2024 with shipping date TBA at a later date. We ship internationally.

All For The Game Hardcover Set

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