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June 2022: The Future is Queer

  • What's better than one amazing story in a book? SEVENTEEN amazing stories in one book! That's right – in June you will get to experience 17 unique, entirely QUEER stories by some of your favorite authors! Without further ado, the June theme is…


    🌈 Our June BOTM is Out There: Into the Queer New Yonder! Out There is a new queer sci-fi anthology featuring 17 amazing short stories of all sorts! From hardcore interplanetary tech to fantastic superheroes to soft and sweet romances that feel entirely contemporary, everyone is going to find something for them in here! We’re including a large custom bookplate digitally signed by all of the authors and the editor, as well as a letter from Saundra Mitchell, the wonderful editor that pulled this all together!


    Ugochi M. Agoawike
    K. Ancrum
    Kalynn Bayron
    Z Brewer
    Mason Deaver
    Alechia Dow
    Z.R. Ellor
    Leah Johnson
    Naomi Kanakia
    Claire Kann
    Alex London

    Jim McCarthy

    Abdi Nazemian

    Emma K. Ohland

    Adam Sass

    Mato J. Steger

    Nita Tyndall

    Explore new and familiar worlds where the human consciousness can be uploaded into a body on Mars, an alien helps a girl decide if she should tell her best friend how she feels, two teens get stuck in a time loop at a space station, people are forced to travel to the past or the future to escape the dying planet, only a nonbinary person can translate the binary code of a machine that predicts the future, everyone in the world vanishes except for two teen girls who are in love.

    This essential and beautifully written collection immerses and surprises with each turn of the page.

    QUEER REP: achillean, sapphic, trans m&f, asexual, aromantic, nonbinary, outside the gender binary, transcending gender

    OTHER REP: Native American mcs, Black mcs, Indian mcs, Iranian mcs, Colombian mcs, BIPOC mcs

    🌈 The e-book for June is Gateway by Juliette Dunn!

    Featured fandoms:

    - Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir (wlw, lesbian) (magnet)

    - The Disasters by M.K. England (Bi m, achillean, trans f, mlm)

    - Winter's Orbit by Everina Maxwell (bi m, gay, mlm)

    - Starship Teapot by Si Clarke (ace, agender)

    - A multi-fandom item featuring many of your favs!

    🌈 An item from each fandom will be included in your boxes! We’re excited to announce we will be featuring art by Tiff!

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May 2022: Follow Your Dreams

  • Sometimes just being out and queer isn’t enough.

    Sometimes you want to be the world’s first OUT GAY Country music star! It’s nice to have a dream, and we are throwing our weight behind that with our May box with the theme: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

    🌈 Our May BOTM is A Little Bit Country by Brian D. Kennedy! While this book looks great from the get-go, there is a lot more to this book than you know yet! We loved the secret reveal near the end! What a whirlwind! We think you’re going to love love LOVE this book! You’ll receive an exclusive signed bookplate, print, and author letter alongside your brand new copy!


    Emmett wants to be country music’s biggest gay superstar. But for now, he’s happy to do the next best thing: Stay with his aunt in TN for the summer and perform at the amusement park owned by his idol, country legend Wanda Jean Stubbs.

    Luke hates country music. As the grandson of Verna Rose, the disgraced singer who had a famous falling out with Wanda Jean, Luke knows how much pain country music has brought his family. But when his mom’s medical bills start piling up, he takes a job at the last place he wants: a restaurant in Wanda World.

    Neither boy is looking for romance, but sparks fly when they meet, and soon a long-lost secret comes to light, threatening to unravel everything.

    Will Emmett and Luke be able get past the truths they discover… or will their relationship go down in history as just another Sad Country Love Song?

    QUEER REP: gay mcs, sapphic scs
    vegetarian sc, Black sc, Chinese-American sc, Brazilian bc, Scandinavian bc, bc w/ multiple sclerosis

    CW: racism, homophobia, sexism

    🌈 The e-book for May is More by Abra Pressler! More info coming mid-April on our social media!

    Featured fandoms:

    - Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert (mlm, gay) (magnet)

    - Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur (bi f, lesbian, wlw)

    - Dare Mighty Things by Heather Kaczynski (ace f, bi f, wlw)

    - Obie is Man Enough by Schuyler Bailar (trans m)

    🌈 An item from each fandom and our BOTM will be included in your boxes this month! We’re excited to announce we will be featuring art by @mavilezart as well!

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April 2022: Friends to Lovers

  • Spring is a prime time for romantic love, and for April have we got a love for you! 

    🌈 Our April BOTM is Nothing Burns as Bright as You by Ashley Woodfolk! This book is intense. We mean INTENSE! We reread it multiple times, and COULD NOT GET ENOUGH! It is a beautiful, impassioned story of falling in love with your best friend. Written in verse, it tells about queer love and the complexity of female friendship that will keep your heart racing, and breaking, until the very last page.


    Two girls. One wild and reckless day. Years of tumultuous history unspooling like a thin, fraying string in the hours after they set a fire. They were best friends, until they became more. Their affections grew until the blurry lines became dangerous.

    Over the course of a single day, these two best friends learn that hearts, like flames, aren’t so easily tamed. It starts with a fire. How will it end?

    Queer rep:
    bisexual f, sapphic f (wlw)

    Other rep: Black mcs

    CW: underage drinking, underage drugs, pyromania, toxic relationships, racism, arson, homophobia, fatphobia

    🌈 The e-book for April is Dad Jokes and Pine Cones by CJ Banks!

    Featured fandoms:

    - Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli (bi wlw) (monthly magnet)

    - Noah Can’t Even by Simon James Green (bi m, gay, mlm)

    - The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun (gay, demi bi m, lesbian, ace, mlm)

    - The Passing Playbook by Isaac Fitzsimons (trans m, gay, bi m, enby, mlm)

    🌈 An item from each of these fandoms and our BOTM will be included in your boxes this month! We’re excited to announce we will be featuring art by wickedliltongue as well!


March 2022: Breaking the Binary!

  • A nonbinary flag with 3 people in front. 1 has dark skin and is holding a sign that says ze/zir. Another has rainbow hair and medium skin and is holding a sign saying they/them. Another has light skin and red hair and is holding a sign saying they/she.
  • We pulled in resources far and wide to line up some diverse and truly amazing books this month!

    This is our 3rd identity box (following our ace and sapphic boxes) and focuses on identities outside the gender binary!

    🌈 Our March BOTM is And They Lived… by Steven Salvatore! And They Lived is not just a heartfelt exploration of a college student’s gender identity, it’s also a body-positive, sex-positive love story insisting that we all deserve that fairy tale ending! Steven also helped with our book item design this month!


    Chase is a budding animator and hopeless romantic (relatable!) obsessed with Disney films and finding his true love, but he’s plagued with the belief that he’s not enough for anyone: he’s recovering from an eating disorAs we join the story, Chase is starting his freshman year of college and has to pull together a short for the freshman animation showcase at the end of the semester.

    Then Chase meets Jack, a gorgeous student poet who has been longing to experience life outside his sheltered, conservative family. Chase throws everything Jack’s ever assumed about himself into question as they fall into a lightning-sharp attraction. Together, Chase and Jack have to learn to love not just each other, but who they are, and find their own happily ever after…

    Queer rep:
    nonbinary genderqueer gay mc, gay mc, gay & bi scs
    Other rep: Black sc, Latinx sc, eating disorder, fat rep, body dysmorphia, open relationships, anxiety
    CW: homophobia, violence, drinking, purging, misgendering, suicidal ideation

    🌈 The e-book for March is Villainous by Lou Wilham! Included in every box will be a code you can use to download the book.

    🌈 Featured fandoms this month are:

    – Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee (bi, trans, ace, genderqueer, androphile, lesbian)
    – The Brilliant Death by A.R. Capetta (genderfluid, bigender, pan)
    – The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall (lesbian, genderfluid, enby)
    – The Love Study by Kris Ripper (genderqueer, pan, bi)

    🌈 An item from each of these fandoms and from our BOTM will be included in your boxes this month!
     We’re excited to announce we will be featuring art by @Bloodwrit as well!

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February 2022: Queerplatonic Relationships

  • This month is about a kind of relationship that is a little more intense & intimate than is common for friendships, but doesn't quite fit a traditional couple model!

    QPRs are characterized by a strong bond, love, and emotional commitment. You can read more about QPRs at the LGBTA wiki!

    🌈 Our Feb BOTM is Fire Becomes Her by Rosiee Thor! FBH is a lavish fantasy with a Jazz-age spark. Our editions are hardcovers, as always and come with an exclusive author letter, signed bookplate, and an item directly inspired by the book!

    Flare is power. With only a drop of flare, one can light the night sky with fireworks or burn a building to the ground - and 17yr. old Ingrid wants her fair share.

    She doesn't have a family fortune but she has a plan: Use Linden Holt, heir to a hefty political legacy and the largest fortune of flare in all of Candesce, to rise to the top as part of his father’s team and Linden’s future wife.

    When Linden’s dad announces his run for President, Ingrid uses the situation to her advantage. She strikes a deal to spy on the senator’s opposition in exchange for his approval and the status she so desperately craves. But she doesn’t agree with his platform, and the longer Ingrid wears two masks, the more she questions where her true allegiances lie.

    Queer rep: bisexual demiromantic female mc
    aroace transmasc nonbinary mc
    aroace female sc
    sapphic sc
    Other rep: Black sc, bipoc sc
    CW: immolation, arson, terrorist groups, inequality, classism, incarcerated parent, dirty politics

    🌈 The e-book for February is Baker Thief by Claudie Arseneault, AND there is also a really cool item inspired by it in the box!

    Featured fandoms:
    - Brothersong by TJ Klune (mlm, gay, bi m, aro m)
    - Baker Thief by Claudie Arseneault (demi pan f, genderfluid aro mc)
    - If It Makes You Happy by Claire Kann (bi mc, wlw qpr)
    - Royal Rescue by A. Alex Logan (mlm qpr)

    🌈 An item from each of these fandoms will be included in the box! We’re excited to announce one of the items has been designed by @chuck_the_goon!

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