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March 2024: 😈 BE GAY, DO CRIME 😈

  • A gray-blue square with the words “Be Gay. Do Crime” in rainbow retro lettering. A pair of rainbow handcuffs lies underneath the words and crime scene tape is faintly visible in the background.
  • We are pleased to reveal that our March 2024 theme is…

    😈 BE GAY, DO CRIME 😈

    Rules? Who follows those? Certainly not us…

    We’re super excited to bring to you our exclusive March books:

    😈 Our New Release book is the wonderfully lyrical Icarus by the author of one of our favorite books, The Wicker King, K. Ancrum! It comes with signed bookplates, new dust jacket, an art bookmark and an author letter!

    ICARUS AT-A-GLANCE: achillean cis male mc with eds, white intersex male li

    GENRE: YA greek myth retellings (skews older)

    REP: achillean cis male mc with eds (+neurodivergent-coded), white intersex male li, mlm, closer-than-friends but not lovers mlmlw

    LENGTH: 400 pgs

    SUMMARY: Icarus Gallagher is a thief. He steals priceless art and replaces it with his father’s impeccable forgeries. To keep their secret, Icarus adheres to his own strict rules to keep people, and feelings, at bay: Don’t let anyone close. Don’t let anyone touch you. And, above all, don’t get caught. Until one night, he does. Not by Mr. Black, but by his mysterious son, Helios, now living under house arrest in the Black mansion. Instead of turning Icarus in, Helios bargains for something even more dangerous—a friendship that breaks every single one of Icarus’s rules.

    😈 Our backlist spotlight is the romantic, perfectly-timed sci-fi epic, Junker Seven by Olive J. Kelley! This fully custom special edition comes with a redesigned dust jacket, end pages, foiled hard case, stenciled edges, and signed art bookplates!


    GENRE: Adult Romantic Sci-FI

    REP: wlnb, Autistic physically-disabled transmasc non-binary lesbian mc, femme transfem lesbian li, bisexual transfem sc, Deaf gay trans male sc, lesbian scs

    LENGTH: 313 pgs

    SUMMARY: Castor Quasar is a junker— a bounty hunter making a living off of collecting and selling valuable scrap. They live a quiet life, bouncing from job to job and not worrying about the brewing galactic rebellion. But when they get a job offer for an irresistible amount of money, they find themself smuggling (charming and beautiful) transgender activist Juno Marcus across the galaxy under the watchful eye of the Intergalactic Police Force and a propaganda-informed galaxy.

    🗡️ Limited subs beginning with the February box are open now!

February 2024: 🗡️Dangerous Liaisons🗡️

  • A dark blue background with faint kiss marks all over it. On top is written Rainbow Crate Presents February 2024 theme: Dangerous Liaisons. The Dangerous Liaisons is written in retro font in pale yellow and maroon.
  • Opposites attract… and sometimes that’s a dangerous, dangerous thing. We’re super excited to bring to you our exclusive February books:

    🗡️Our New Release book is the spellbinding Infinity Alchemist by the fan-favorite writer of Felix Ever After, Kacen Callender! It comes with signed art bookplates, new dust jacket, author letter, and art print!


    GENRE: YA Dark Urban Fantasy (skews older)

    REP: Black Trans male mc, Black genderfluid sc, other Black Queer characters, Polyamorous mlmlw

    SPICE LEVEL: 1/5

    SUMMARY: A quest leads three young alchemists toward unexpected love and unimaginable power. Only an elite few are legally permitted to study the science of magic―so when Ash is rejected by the Lancaster Mage’s College, he takes a job as the school’s groundskeeper instead, forced to learn alchemy in secret. When he’s discovered by the condescending and brilliant apprentice Ramsay Thorne, Ash is sure he's about to be arrested―but instead Ramsay surprises Ash with an offer: Ramsay will keep Ash's secret if he helps find the legendary Book of Source, a sacred text that gives its reader extraordinary power.

    🗡️ Our indie spotlight is the hauntingly beautiful The Fall That Saved Us by Tamara Jerée. This haunting fully custom special edition comes with a redesigned dust jacket, end pages, foiled hard case, stenciled edges, and signed art bookplates!


    GENRE: Adult Romantasy

    REP: Black Sapphic mcs, wlw

    LENGTH: 343 pgs

    SUMMARY: Cassiel has given up the family tradition of demon hunting, leaving behind her sacred angelic duty and fated sword. What she can’t leave behind are the scars. To cope, she spends her days immersed in work, pouring all her attention into New Haven Books, her small bookstore and anchor in the new world she’s carved for herself. When a succubus named Avitue arrives to claim her soul, Cassiel is forced to choose between old knowledge and her truth. 

    🗡️ We’ve opened up new spots! Click the button below to start your subscription now! Note: If you subscribe during January you will be starting with the January crate.

January 2024: 🍃PLANT MAGIC🍃

  • A dark green square on which are some flat-colored flora and amanita mushrooms. At the top it says
  • We are pleased to reveal that our January 2024 theme is…


    This month is EXTRA-SPECIAL because we are bringing you TWO FULLY-CUSTOMIZED special editions!
    Both trad and indie are gorgeous, gorgeous exclusive editions with all-new art and design! This is also the first month of our new book-only format! 🥳

    🍃Our trad book is the tender Evergreen by Devin Greenlee. A sweet tale of coming to know yourself coupled with learning to fit into a human world while you are very much not human, it comes with signed art bookplates, new dust jacket, end page art, foiled hard case, and your favorite - stenciled edges!

    All 17-yr-old Quill wants is a break from the family business and a taste of the outside world. But as is the first male dryad, his mom has him under lock and key. But he doesn’t have any magic–Just a shock of green hair, matching eyes, and a growing frustration that there’s an entire world out there waiting to be discovered. So he suffers in silence, until the night his new neighbor breaks into his room…

    Rep: mlm, achillean vegan male mc, gay male love interest, pan female sc

    🍃Our indie book is The Necessity of Rain by Sarah Chorn. This haunting and wondrous tale comes with signed bookplates, new dust jacket, end page art, foiled hard case, and stenciled edges!

    A butterfly in chains. Chaos. Creatures called The Divine. Multiple worlds, and the daughter of the gods that can ferry between them. Rosemary can no longer deny her heritage when a strange delegation from Dawnland arrives to negotiate trade and protection with the Divine of Meadowsweet. She can not deny her feelings, either, as she finds herself drawn to the strange butterfly woman, and strife threatens to break out. Clouds are massing along the horizon, and Rosemary must survive the storm.

    Rep: wlw, sapphic mcs, physically-disabled mc

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