Shipping Updates!

Last Updated: 05/13/2022

May Crate shipping status:

May Crates are set to ship by the end of May.

April Crate shipping status: 

All crates have shipped! Please contact us at if you did not receive your tracking email.


Update: April 30th, 202

Theme announcements are moving to the 2nd of each month! This move is to accommodate the new software that runs our website. However, in its place you can catch another fun announcement on our social media on the 1st of every month! Check it out!


Update: April 1, 2022

Our shipping rates are changing beginning with the May 2022 crates! This is effective for all May crate subscription renewals and any subscriptions that begin with the May 2022 crates:

USA: dropping from $11 to $10
FRANCE: dropping from $26 to $16
CANADA: dropping from $19 to $17
GERMANY, ISRAEL, SWEDEN, CHILE: dropping from $26 to $20
THE UK (VAT included): dropping from $30 to $22
SWITZERLAND: dropping from $26 to $22
ITALY: dropping from $26 to $25
BRAZIL: increasing from $26 to $30
EVERYONE ELSE: staying the same at $26

 Customers are responsible for any customs fees imposed on import.


Update: March 30, 2022

We recently finished migrating subscriptions to our new database. If you have any concerns or issues regarding accessing or utilizing your account, don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll help you!

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