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January 2024 "Plant Magic" full box

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Evergreen by Devin Greenlee with:

🌱exclusive dust jacket with art by @vitkovskaya_art

🌱stenciled edges designed by @Mrosedesigner

🌱original cover art end end pages with foil design

🌱foiled hard case by @jamelynnlano

🌱exclusive bonus chapter

🌱 signed bookplate

🌱 spoiler cart with art by @ace_artemis_fanartist

The Necessity of Rain by Sarah Chorn with:

🌿exclusive dust jacket with art by @otuscops

🌿foiled hard case @jamielynnlano

🌿art end pages by @jamielynnlano

🌿bonus glossary

🌿stenciled edges designed by @Mrosedesigner