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Rainbow Crate Month-to-Month

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December 2022 theme: Pride Edition: Beautifully Bisexual

🌈 Rumors are going around, and bi the way, have you heard we’re bringing another Pride Edition box to you this December? That’s right! Our December theme is…


🌈 All of our books this month feature on-page bisexual main characters!

🌈 Our first book this month is Never Ever Getting Back Together by Sophie Gonzales!

NEGBT is the story of Maya, Skye, and a heap of other girls asked to participate in a reality dating show. What do they all have in common? Well, they are all former girlfriends of the star, charming socialite and brother-to-royalty, Jordy. He’s adored by the masses, but only they know the truth: that he’s a cheating, lying, stuck-up dick. Everyone has their reasons for coming on the show, but for Maya and Skye, it was definitely not to find love… especially not with each other!

Our books come with:

👑 an exclusive, completely redesigned dust jacket

👑signed bookplate

REP: bi f MC, sapphic MC, gay SC
CW: Toxic relationship, emotional abuse, infidelity, misogyny, sexism, biphobia, alcohol

🌈 Our indie book this month is the extremely well-loved The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic by FT Lukens!

TRARFMMAM is a real-world fantasy about Bridger Whitt, who, desperate to pay for college, takes what seems like a slightly odd job involving strange doors, disembodied voices, and uh… mermaids. When Bridger realizes his employer is the intermediary between the human world and myths, it’s up to him to find the source of a growing chaos, solve it, oh, and navigate this without fumbling his chances with the dreamy new football star Leo.

Our special edition books come with:

🦄 all-new exclusive cover

🦄 a faux-leather foiled case design (under the cover) mimicking an in-world book 

🦄 art endpapers

🦄 digitally printed edges

🦄 bound-in ribbon bookmark

🦄 interview with FT Lukens

🦄 cryptid name generator

🦄 signed bookplates!

REP: bi male, gay, mlm, sapphic sc
CW: panic attacks, violence

- I Knew Him by Abigail de Niverville (mlm, bi m)
- Full Disclosure by Camryn Garret (bi f) is our monthly magnet!