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Rainbow Crate Month-to-Month

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🌈 Our first book is RAVENSONG by Cayla Fay!

A demi-god who refuses to cohabitate with humans accidentally falls in love with one in the first book of a pulse-pounding teen duology that’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Celtic mythology.

Neve has spent lifetimes defending the mortal world against the legions of hell with her two sisters.

Unfortunately for Neve, in this lifetime, she is the only one of the Morrigan—a triad of Irish war gods—still stuck in high school and still without her full power. She’s been counting down the days until her eighteenth birthday, when she finally gets to shed the pretenses of humanity and grow into her divine power.

But then she meets Alexandria. And Alexandria is as determined to force Neve into some semblance of teenage normalcy as she is haunted by her own demons—both figurative and literal.

As they grow closer, Neve decides that humanity—and, perhaps, love—isn’t so detestable after all. Which makes it all the more dangerous when she realizes that something in Hell wants Alexandria, and it’s be up to Neve and her sisters to save her before Alexandria’s past catches up to all of them.

Our books come with:

👼 an exclusive, completely redesigned dust jacket

😈 a signed bookplate

REP: wlw, sapphic MCs, non-binary Jewish sc, sapphic scs, Muslim sc, POC sc, ADHD, PTSD

CW: mild violence, light religious talk, homophobia, panic attacks

🌈 Our indie book this month is I AM NOT YOUR CHOSEN ONE by Evelyn Benvie

Kell Hồ Sinh Porter is twenty-six years old and desperate to leave his unhappy life and his dead-end town.

One night his wish is granted by a mysterious voice—though not in any way he would've imagined—and he finds himself in the semi-magical land of Allune where everyone thinks he’s the “Chosen One.” Kell politely disagrees, and absconds from his duties. On the search for an adventure that doesn’t come with world-saving responsibility attached, he’s joined by companions. Every adventurer needs them, but his turn out to be Ansel, a sheltered fallen angel, and Fre, a half-orlk who wants to be a hero.

Destiny, bad luck, and the gods conspire against him. The Dawn Goddess wants him to take up his Chosen One mantle, which Kell is sure means becoming cannon fodder in an ancient divine war. The Lich King’s demonic minions carry out sporadic attacks in an attempt to kill him and prove he is not the Chosen One. Temperamental elves, talking stars that aren't all that helpful, image-conscious demons, maddening pieces of prophecy that everyone thinks Kell should already know, and his growing feelings for Ansel all mix in a frustrating stew as Kell tries to juggle his feelings, his duties, and all the things trying to kill him. No one asked him if he wanted to be anyone's Chosen One, and he can't begin to understand why he was chosen.

Kell needs to figure out who to trust and how to forge his own path before it's too late for Allune and for him.

Our special edition books come with:

👼 an all-new exclusive cover
😈 silver foiling on a lavender case
👼art endpapers
😈digitally printed edges
an exclusive short story
😈 a signed bookplate

REP: mlm, biromantic graysexual biracial (Vietnamese/white) m mc (explicit on page), Achillean mc, genderless/non-binary scs (the elves are a genderless society), sapphic sc

CW: mentions of cheating (not mcs), mentions of racism, discrimination, fire, minor violence


👼 The Black Veins

😈 A Dowry in Blood is our monthly magnet