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Rainbow After Dark - R.A.D. - Quarterly

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Theme: Hot-Blooded

We’ve hand-selected TWO very special books to feed all of your adult cravings, featuring sexy and dark relationships between humans and vampires! These editions are going to be stunning!

Our first book is Lord of Eternal Night by @benaldersonauthor!

A dark tale about a witch who has only one meaning in life: to break the curse and save his coven, and the creature he is prophesied to kill. Sent to the creature’s castle, Jak must get close enough to land the final blow, but not all is as it seems, and emotions war as new feelings are uncovered. For what is more dangerous than hate? Lust.

Rep: gay mc, bisexual male mc, mlm
Spice level: 3/5
CW: death, blood, violence, toxic relationships, murder, loss of family members, abuse, manipulation, anger, grief/grieving, depression, profanity, explicit sex

Our second book is Contract Bound by @ellemaebooks!

A lush tale about a vampire hunter contracted to protect the future leader of those she has sworn to hate, and the unexpected bond that forms between them. Vampires killed Silvia’s family, and she signed her life away to The Order to satisfy her lust for revenge. But nothing is black and white, especially not Keir, and the undeniable chemistry that sprouts up between them.

Rep: lesbian mcs, gay sc, wlw
Spice level: 4/5
CW: sexual assault, death, gore, parental abuse, child abuse, farming humans for blood, drinking blood of minors, nonconsensual biting, trafficking mention, dubious consent, blood play, biting, self-harm, torture, violence

Both books in the crate are getting the full luxe special edition treatment! Artist TBA!

🔥completely redesigned dust jackets
🔥art endpapers, case art or foiling
🔥printed edges
🔥 bound in author letters
🔥 signed art bookplates!