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FEBRUARY 2024 theme: Dangerous Liasons

**This is not a subscription**


Opposites attract… and sometimes that’s a dangerous, dangerous thing. We’re super excited to bring to you our exclusive February books:

🗡️Our New Release book is the spellbinding Infinity Alchemist by the fan-favorite writer of Felix Ever After, Kacen Callender! It comes with signed art bookplates, new dust jacket, author letter, and art print!

GENRE: YA Dark Urban Fantasy (skews older)
REP: Black Trans male mc, Black genderfluid sc, other Black Queer characters, Polyamorous mlxlm

SUMMARY: A quest leads three young alchemists toward unexpected love and unimaginable power. Only an elite few are legally permitted to study the science of magic―so when Ash is rejected by the Lancaster Mage’s College, he takes a job as the school’s groundskeeper instead, forced to learn alchemy in secret. When he’s discovered by the condescending and brilliant apprentice Ramsay Thorne, Ash is sure he's about to be arrested―but instead Ramsay surprises Ash with an offer: Ramsay will keep Ash's secret if he helps find the legendary Book of Source, a sacred text that gives its reader extraordinary power.

🗡️ Our indie spotlight is the hauntingly beautiful The Fall That Saved Us by Tamara Jerée (@tamarajeree). This fully custom special edition comes with a redesigned dust jacket, end pages, foiled hard case, stenciled edges, and signed art bookplates!

GENRE: Adult Romantasy
REP: Black Sapphic mcs, wlw

SUMMARY: Cassiel has given up the family tradition of demon hunting, leaving behind her sacred angelic duty and fated sword. What she can’t leave behind are the scars. To cope, she spends her days immersed in work, pouring all her attention into New Haven Books. When a succubus named Avitue arrives to claim her soul, Cassiel is forced to choose between old knowledge and her truth.